Monday, October 23, 2006


so i just had an arguement with dad about shoes... i know i have flooded the shoe rack. i'm sorry. *shows the sad puppy face* (the face works i tell you..)
angry daddy counted and summed up that i owned 13 pairs of heels and 3 pairs of shoes.
i don't know why is he so free to count shoes.
daddy's is not happy with my 16 pairs of shoes terrorizing the rack.
i'm not happy with 16 pairs of shoes ONLY.
i want more!! MORE~!! accessories too!!
i need to hide my shoes under my bed. i'm hiding one now....>,<
gonna get fish net stockings on and black ones. i don't care if my bf and friends dislike them. don't give a fuck weyy. it's bloody sexy...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

tell me

sigh... tell me about the crying part girl. i still do it at times. the tears just comes when i'm about to go to bed eventhough my day went well. negative thoughts and insecurities starts drowning all over me. heebies-jeebies! this what happens when you act cool and carefree all the time. no matter what, you can never put on a facade for too long. carefree mode is good but has it's cons too. maybe i'm running away from the situation? maybe it's just my imagination of happiness? maybe i'm just being paranoid? i really don't know. this what happens when there's no trust. you get heebies-jeebies and see red easily then blow up then lose your mood. when it's time to get out of my room, i wear my happy facade and act as if i'm so normal around my parents. i do this so often till i don't even know what the hell i'm doing. it's like it's a daily routine. i'm sorry if i find it hard to believe your words even though you might be telling the truth. i'm sorry if i offended some of you out there with my thoughts/straight forward comments. i don't have guts to sound ppl or share my real thoughts actually so if you do get one from me, consider yrself lucky.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Deepavali to all Malaysian!

This year diwali is kinda quiet. I hardly see light decor around my neighbourhood. Sigh...
I'm gonna buy Indian bangles soon! I've already sort out which kind of "chings-chings" i'm gonna buy last week. The reason i always delay my shopping is because... i don't want to shop impulsively. Holidays has just started and Shi Jin's taking me to Imax theatre soon. Yay!! Then might proceed to Sungei Wang. Gosh... i fear going there so much because i just feel so uncomfortable going there.

I just came back from dinner + mamak session with See Ting and the gang. As usual, laughed till my cheeks ached and stomach cramp. Thank goodness the angry rain drops on the zinc roof drowned our loudness. We ate steamboat for dinner. Took so many pictures during the dinner. See Ting's so obsessed with her egg, Juli's and her coconut-digging, camwhore fight between Ting and Fang Chin, Looi's funny gestures and mockings. Sigh... this ppl can release my stress you know. Love you guys la! Seriously can lose weight just by laughing. I swear!!

Shaleeni's not having open house tomorrow!! No~!! Our many years tradition! I've been going to her house since primary school for birthdays, christmas, deepavali, chinese new year parties. This year seems so lost when i received her sms saying she will serve me maggie mee if i come to her hse. My only plan on Deepavali is: GO TO SHALEEN'S HOUSE AND MAKE ALOT OF NOISE AND CHECK OUT SWIMMERS (her "tadpole" friends, i call them). haha...the checking out part was used too, no la. Food!!! Aaaahhh Aunty Jayamani's cooking....
How?? Deepavali will just be another boring day then without Shaleen's open hse party....sigh...this sucks.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

so i did get wasted... just a lil

so i did get wasted at the party for a while. after drinking 2 cups of neat vodka and another 2 cups of vodka mix with 7 up, i swam. god... wrong move erinn.. wrong move. pulse rate >100 per minute, alcohol gushing through my blood stream heading to my brain then....*poof* on High state for a while. i smell like vodka and can't go home smelling like that. after a while my head was so heavy and i needed to puke.
felt so much better and rest, while enjoying watching albert getting all high and drunk after 7 neat vodka. it was practically a suicide act because this is his first time getting drunk. it was funny at first when he was all happy + talking crap loudly + the way he fell on the floor flat (sounds so painful but obviously he didn't feel it) and playing in the pool. but then things got pretty ugly later. poor alby. politea got worried because he might die. then i started to get worried too. the chances are there ppl for drunk virgins. alcohol can really kill you. it's a sciences thing. don't know? go look it up.
the look on sarah's face when she has to do the dare: french kiss the same sex. she didn't because it's against her "policy". tell me about it. the saddest thing was, i was sarah's first kiss. terrible.
i love ernie's big ass. i always tell her that.
kelvin swam so fast..beating the rest of guys...turned me on.
waited for albert to stop puking and to gain back a lil consciousness. we drove him back to OUG. in OUG, suddenly that baby wanna go back to noriko's place at sunway. ish!! so no choice, i drove kelvin's car and he drove al's car. got drunko albert back safe to noriko's place at 2.30 am finally. mission accomplished! kelvin and i felt so relieved. once we dropped the dush bag our bodies kinda drop dead and suddenly we felt so weak.
he drove me home and i got worried that he'll be sleepy while driving home. it was 3.30 am.
today, i'm still so tired. bet tomorrow my muscle will ache. lotsa assignments to go! Aargh!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

we were so bored

This was taken months ago. I was just too shy to post them up. Now i'm fucking bored and have nothing to do... Tada... Dumb cute pics for you to laugh at.

We were at 1u and saw many many "seafood" people walking around. Then decided to pose like them. Obviously i failed. I know... Michelle said my eyes weren't big enough. Well that's because this is the max i can go. Haha! There are still many more but 2 is enough.
Kelvin's bunny teeth really make me wanna pinch his cheeks! So CUTE!
Last Sunday, I had buffet lunch at Hotel Regent. The food was scrummy. Ate alot! =) Salmon lovers out there will definately love to come because they serve really fresh raw salmon with thickness of 1 cm. Daddy ate alot alot of salmon. I dislike them so i ate 1.
Finally i spent only RM 200 and bought myself a pair of jeans and denim skirt that fits me. Yip-yip Hooray!! I kept going in and out from Miss Selfridge fitting room (sale girl was tired entertaining me). I did the same the next day to confirrrrrm my choiceeeeeeee. Kelv was like "This jeans is better, bla bla bla. This one is Hahaha!! This colour is bla bla". Thank you helping me!*hugs* If you know me, you'll know how i shop. Either i'm impulsive or i take my bloody sweet time thinking. And thinking for months. Honestly, before this i don't own a jeans that fits me well. My DKNY jeans is getting looser; P&Co jeans heads south once the belt is unleash...*drums*; Miss Selfridge skinny jeans getting loser; Guess jeans, too tight till it'll definately cut my lower limb circulation back to my brain; the rest of the ciplak brands, the length are too short.*sigh* So practically i'm surviving with the highlighted above pairs of jeans. It really sucks especially all my minis are loose. I'm going to send them to the tailor! I need a tailor....~!!
Sue-li and Shaleeni's birthday is coming... Present hunting = Cha ching$$$!
I'm of to do research on lighting design.
Current download: Bjork (i suddenly miss her and her weird dressing)

Friday, October 06, 2006


I really need to chill and get wasted. Today i did enjoy the Mooncake Festival mini celebration at college. I was hesitating whether to go because i'm afraid it will bored me to death and i seriously got no interest to go. The drive that brought me to attend the dumb party was since it will be my last year in this college so give some moral support laaaaa.... I sat at the stairs and watched the ppl doing the settings while thinking whether to go or not until Sarah asked, "Are you coming?".
Aiyah!! What the hell, stop hesitating! So i just got up and booked a seat next to Sarah. She was excited with the mooncake festival competition and the riddle quiz. I was still on carefree mode and thinking "i'll be bored. i'll be bored...i will be bored soon."
So jolly good i just told Sarah I'll group with her for the mooncake design competition. I tried to enjoy the music and performance. I somehow manage to pull through. Sarah, Kenny and I won the Mooncake design competition and got RM100 Starbucks Voucher as the prize. I got a prize for answering a riddle too. Yay...-_-

So i guessed somehow i should think on the brighter side. I previously was so reluctant to attend next week's pool party which i've mention in my previous post. I'm just too afraid that

i WILL be myself, or
i'll have to fake to enjoy,
talk a bunch of crap just to socialize,
listen to music that i'm not interested in or think it's crappy,
get wasted and be my happy cute self,
swim like a cacat sapien cos i don't know how to go underwater,
be a dope to certain ppl,
keep eating while soaking in the pool till i get soggy-wrinkles,
make out and have sex behind the bushes.

Maybe i should loosen up a bit.

Oh bloody hell, i'm so so lazy to wax my legs. It's night anyway, no one will notice.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

I watched Cinema Paradiso on Monday. I find the movie so very interesting. I think it's an italian independent film. It might be boring to some ppl. I sorta like independent movies. I find them more meaningful. I don't know why Malaysian cinemas don't show foreign movies like this. I will certainly pay to watch. Right now i'm like some criminal downloading from the internet. It's not that i want to but i have no choice but to rely on bitcomet to feed me with great movies. I'm currently downloading Brick and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and it's taking forever... oh devil please help me. I hate watching shows on my stupid computer screen. So i think i'll have to dload Prison Break season 2. So "kan cheong" you know! I'm gonna have "four eyes" soon. I can feel it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

child abuse

The reason i love reading Thyana's blog is not because of pretty pictures but meaningful post. I love her sarcasm, but also look up to her awareness towards the society and mature thoughts.

I felt so awful and helpless after watching Superhero ad by Australian Chilhood Foundation. It doesn't take long. Please do watch it. I knew a friend whose father abuse her when i was in highschool but i kept quiet. I totally regretted for not bringing this matter up because i was too afraid to do so. I'm a dumb fuck.

Meeting for the graduation campaign was held yesterday and the commitee decided to have a pool party. I don't know why am i so not interested to go. Call me boring but i really don't bother. Secondly, the PR president should be more concern towards other member needs instead of putting her needs first and shutting out comments/opinions. Alcohol drinks, vodka specifically was suggested by her because it will tune the party up but she totally dismiss suggestion of getting wine/rum for those who can't really drink/prefer wine instead of beer and vodka. When 2 person says "I only can drink wine but not beer or other alcohol." it means something and as PR, be alert. I don't care who drinks or don't. I just hope no one gets drunk and get into a car accident. Certainly no responsible thoughts at all. Damn it. I thought i was moody that day so i was being sensitive but apparently a few thought the same too.

I really hope my 2 friend resolve the "beauty" matter. It's too fucking immature and both of you know it. When few months passes by, you'll be thinking "i can't believe i went through this". Who knows in the future both of you might end up being friends and share beauty secrets and stuff. I said MIGHT. Things happen. Both are my friends. Both are beautiful and unique in yr own graceful way. FULL STOP.

Kelvin!! I miss you. I know u wanna do the cute bunny look in this pic! Bang bang!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

the whole shebang

pee pee is so... pissed off. i'll cry reading yr blog. don't call ppl fat la. ouch ok. let's go on a double date, if anyone on earth is interested in that anymore.

Bb bunny!!! I'm so loving my birthday presents!! =D
I look at it almost everyday and smile to myself.

So my birthday...
Last Saturday, Kelvin brought me to Cineleisure to catch a movie after my class. We crossed over to The Curve and had lunch at Marche. Food was ok and the restaurant concept was interesting compare to the rest la. After that we watch You, Me and Dupree. Dinner was at Souled Out cafe in Hartamas.

Kelvin got me this...

Monday morning (my birthday), got a call from beloved brother. Made my day man! He's planing to give me a debit card so i can splurge using his account. Haha! No la, for me to buy my blood sucking design books actually. =P At night, mom and dad celebrated with me. Took me out for dinner at Crystal Crown Hotel and gave me a box of Famous Amos cookies and ang pao worth RM 350. Last 2 days (friday), See Ting and the whole shebang celebrated my birthday and ju keong's birthday at Star Pieces. Nice cake, nice presents. Lovely. Thank you very much for all yr text messages, emails, friendster msg, presents, huggies, kissies and cakes.

I still owe Kelvin a cake at La Manila. Wait baby!!
I'm on cloud 9 that week. Ooolala...