Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dig down


After holding up for more than a week, I finally broke down on my knees and cried for 2 days straight. I guessed the more you hold it in the more you let out afterwards. I barely left my room for 3 days and of course this concerns my Polish flatmate. Later then she gave me a few task to do just so I would get out of the apartment. So I did except for eating half a bar of chocolate because I'm having a bad cold and sorethroat.

1. do laundry
2. clean my room
3. grocery shopping for milk, eggs, Nutella & jam
4. head to work at 4.30pm.

I ate so much of prawns and spring rolls in the kitchen at work. Now I have pancakes as comfort food that Barbara made to cheer me up after work. It's 2am (Manchester time) and my calorie intake is not an issue at the moment.

Later (Saturday 10am) I'm going on a Manchester Underground tour with Barbara and Devora. It's going to be an even more wet, humid and cold air through the spooky tunnel. Hope it doesn't smell bad. Pretty excited about it!


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