Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A lost sheep in a Russian Orthodox Church during Easter Sunday

Finished work on Sunday 12.30am and rushed to The "Pokrov" (Intercession of the Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church) for the Pascha and was there till 5am only because I had to leave and get some sleep before I started work at 12pm. This parish celebrated the Pascha starting from Holy Saturday (9pm) till Easter Sunday (10am -11am). Can't believe I stood for 3 hours straight! Of course my feet were killing me. This is my very first time in a Russian Orthodox church and I felt very very lost at first when I got there. First I'm the only Asian and secondly, I speak NO RUSSIAN. The service was conducted in Russian of course but thanks to my Brother's quick 15 minutes lesson on skype, I somewhat managed to survive that night. I did remember to cross from RIGHT TO LEFT and bow a little and make sure my scarf was covering my head. So much of bowing that night. I don't know if I would go back there again because almost no one speaks English except for very few people but it was a great experience.

A residential house converted into a church.

The priest giving a speech during the feast.


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