Sunday, April 17, 2011

This week I met a man who has a brain tumour and he's on heavy medication to keep himself alive. When he has a terrible pain in the head, he'll pop his medication and that's when he's a little on the mental side but other days he's fine and wants to help around in the centre. He was then given the task to make these simple costumes with bedsheets for an upcoming play. I sat at a corner looking at him making the costumes for and I couldn't help but teared in the washroom later because I don't think I can be working with someone whom I know may leave me anytime. We don't speak because he's from Eastern Europe and he speaks very little English. I left the centre immediately because I don't think I can control my emotions on that day.

Sometimes I feel so useless because I cannot separate these feelings from work. I know I would see him soon this week and look forward to all the costumes he made. Sheesh.. writing this post is watering up my eyes.

Can't wait for Easter Sunday to come. No because I can't wait to eat meat but I just wanna celebrate my very fist "sort of" successful Lent. I hate to admit it but I did eat chocolates. =( But no egg tarts definitely.

I was bored for 10 minutes and said to myself, "hey why not camwhore a little since I have red lipstick on."

I cut my own fringe 2 weeks ago. That's the week I was working on my Professional Design 3 and I was so stressed out and decided to take the scissors and chop-chop! Ugh.. my fringe was so horrible and I was wearing a hat to cover my horrible mistake. My friends laughed of course but now the length is alright to walk in public. Still not liking it but hey, what's done is done.

Back to assignments.

(The chinese character is Kuan = Jinn)


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