Monday, April 18, 2011

A Good Life.

Many associate doing good with happiness. Doing good not necessary makes you happy. There are times when we struggle between doing good and being happy.

If you do not understand this, meaning you're constantly doing things that makes you happy without thinking whether it's good or bad. To some people, not getting what you want or desire is so foreign and difficult to understand.

Example of a scenario. It's can be a ridiculous example but it proves how one can be very ignorant.

I want to eat egg tarts but I can't because I promise to stay away from egg tarts.

Here's the argument:

"Then just eat it! Why torture yourself? It's just egg tart. How much harm can it do?"

"But... I want to stay away from it. It's an act of discipline. Abstinence from the tartttt."

"But it's just an egg tart. Look at you, you're so desperate for it because you cannot have it. Why not just eat the damn tart so you can be happy!"

"I want to but I won't. For now."

"You're being ridiculous."

Everyone is selfish in their own ways and I don't expect everyone to understand my act. But I do appreciate if one actually stop and think about it. You don't have to perform it you just have to understand the rationale behind it.

Sometimes a little sacrifice can do a lot. Maybe I should read Aristotle's ethics and moral theories to have a better understanding of A Good Life.


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