Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chat with Ming Choi yesterday. I miss that hyper + grumpy kambing. Ming, i'm not the only one who is bitingly sarcastic, you too and so are the links of friends in my blog. We had been brought up like this in MGS. There are many sarcastic bitches in my badge. I am cool in highschool Ming *perasan mode*. I still am in college. (actually no la...i was never cool =P) Chehhh... but certainly not a perfect ice princess. I was never cold. Only to a few lame/rude girls who are too lame to be accepted by me. Well, of course i do fake at times infront of them to avoid the "i don't friend you" situation. Currently, promoters at Stila in 1 utama practises this childish act. How do i know? Because i knowww...
Anyway Ming, it's better to get termed weird and eccentric rather than arrogant and cold. The terms given to me are not really pleasant adjectives.

Current objective:
Gonna buy the latest foundation and make up base by Stila = must save RM300.

Last 2 days when i was making up at Stila, si Eugene when to buy bras that cost her RM 400. I think that day she spent about RM 600. She's a humble branded chick. I'm still loving her Dior shoes but sadly, it's not white anymore.

My birthday updates? Patient. I'm in lazy mode these days. After having probs with blogger with my previous post. I realized uploading too many pics messed up my html.
Plus, my boyfriend is very slow in sending me the pics we took.

ice princess...hahaha!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Congrats Michelle & Edward.

24th September 2006

Attended Michelle's wedding at Hotel Renaissance. It was an enjoyable night because i finally met up with Lorainne after months of planning to meet up for a drink. Timing was just not right all the time. Michelle is a family friend of mine, my brother's godsister and my pet sister. She pop the question when i was in primary and was so blur with the pet sis thg. Gosh. Since you ppl out there love pet sister/brother relationships. There...I have a pet sis name Michelle!! So cool! So cool! *roll eyes* Or should i say, "she used to be my pet sister."? ** common sentence i get frm friends.

Now that i'm 20 and she's 25 i think. We don't need that shit.

So my childhood gang gathering.
Melissa, Lorainne and I used to have so much fun. Played barbie dolls, swim, argue, hide & seeks, ghost house, bathing together, go on family vacations together and etc etc. those were the days. I remembered i was the smallest, thinest, shortest, weakest among all. These 2 bitches are like my bodyguard/big sis. But 1 thing for sure, i'm good at punching kids face if you really offend me and my courage gathers.

Incident 1 : Boxed a small girl in Lutheran Church, PJ (Michelle & Mel's church)

I was about 8, sitting in the children's room. The girl + her gang tease me and she spit on me. Pity me? Wait...
I got so angry. So mini me stood up, climbed up the children slide, grab naughty girl's hair and bang it to the side of the slide. HARD. Naughty girl was on her knees, mini me still very mad, pushed her head down and step on it many times. i step HARD. The pleasure of hearing her crying and knocking sound on the plastic slide was awesome to my ears that time. Naughty girl's mouth then was bleeding; lost 2 of her front teeth. Mini me revenge was done and walked out of the room calmly. Went into the car and never step back into that church. Naughty girl then, haha i don't know.

Incident 2: Kindergarten.

Naughty Malay girl push me of the swing and took my place. Mini me ask her back for the seat and she kicked me and started swinging. Mini me then got angry, pushed her of the swing, punched her face twice and watch her crying. Again, it was melody to my ears.

You see, ALWAYS think twice before you bully/offend me. You never know how much of strength i've got.
I'll try hard to be nice you.

Anyway, back to the childhood gang. This is us...


l-r: Melissa Wong, Me, Lorainne Chow (Genting Highlands)

Family vacation was always a blast for 3 of us. Miss those days.
p/s: i always look grumpy la.

Michelle's birthday. No comment.


Me + Lorainne

fashion designer. fashionable. branded chick. her LV bag is real. popular. millionaire wants her badly now. gentle. but bitch slaps. don't phunk with her.

Mel + Me
Pink freak. Cute and cuddly. Loves kissing and hugging.

Cheerful.Lovey dovey. Popular with boys.

All 3

After dinner, tummy bigger, mom wants to take more pics.

After 4 hours of sitting and eating, my g-string was making me feel uncomfortable already(so wedged in). Time to take of and bath. Got home at 1 pm. The night was great.

Blogger is so slow and crazy. Messed up my spacing. Bye.

waiting patiently

So while waiting for files to transfer. Mega size files. I listen to
Patiently Waiting- 50 cent ft Eminem
Forgot About Dre- Dr Dre ft Eminem
The Way I Am- Eminem

My highly favourite songs when i was 16. Yes i used to love Eminem & Dre. Their lyrics was the major contribution to my interest.

~Old School mood

No Doubt- Don't speak
Smashing Pumpkins- Ava adore
Oasis- Wonderwall, Don't look back in anger etc etc. Love them untill today.
Stereophonics- Mr. Writer
Bjork....good nuts

Fucking file fail!! Damn it. Hate waiting!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I'm so lazy. I'm suppose to be working on my story developement on Big Fish to show to lecturer tomorrow but i'm still sitting here listening to music and blogging. Gotta read 3 chapters on Stage Design and I have not touch the bloody book yet. Intend to buy 2 books : History of Achitecture & Hospitality design book. Each cost about RM 400.

For 3 weeks i've been doing 2 sets of 100 sit ups per day. At first it was to firm my tummy(got it during holidays & it made me so self concious) then i started to enjoy it. Haha..sometimes i just do 1 set just to get the tight feeling on the abs. On Thursday, I did it while watching Everybody Loves Raymond and suddenly got a bad cramp because i laughed so loud while doing it. With the horrible cramp, I was still laughing and crying(pain+funny Ray Romano). Haha... I've motivated my parents to do sit ups too. Chehhh.. Daddy told me stories about himself having 6 abs yada yada and Mom telling me her waist used to be 23inch when she was still 24 years old. o.O

Eversince my mom retired, she has been an official housewife serving her children. Well, only me actually. Haha! Since young, i used to envy kids whose mom comes to fetch them after school, prepares lunch box for them, combs their hair(primary school), wash their shoes/socks and etc.

NOW Mommy... *grins*

-wakes me up in the morning.
-makes breakfast for me.
-prepare my food pack to eat in train.
-fetches & picks me up frm train station.
-drives me to my destination when i'm so lazy to drive.
-she washed my heels last 2 days ago. (i was shocked and felt so bad. so not used to it but i told her not to anymore.)
-folds the clothes.
-cooks dinner EVERYDAY. finally, after 30 years. she used to only cook during chinese new year and once in a blue moon. now, she calls it "masak-masak" time.

I have to go because Mommy steamed my favourite Japanese potatoes. So bahagia la...=D

Sunday, September 17, 2006

black heels for my bony feet

i bought a pair of black heels today. finally after months of picking and choosing. i couldn't get the flats i intend to buy for my friend because don't have her size. *huff* why laaaaa... after picking and choosing for so long (long = more than 4 months). i very cerewet wan la when i shop. and i get so moody when i can't find size. no money, so must choose properly.

Friday, September 15, 2006

ME, mE, me, aku...

i realized being my true self is still one hack of a tough job. do you fake through your day? i know i do most of the time just to look sociable because i always get comments from people saying, "oh, you look so arrogant.", "why you always sit alone?", "erinn why are you so quiet?" and bla bla bla.
i do things just to please ppl at times so that i feel i'm "in" the gang. i do feel left out but the feeling doesn't bother me. i won't die. sometimes i fake too much till i lose my identity or i have mutiple personalities. can i just have one? oh!so impossible.


- seriously fucking HATE racist/extreme stereotypes. i feel like jamming a pencil to the person's throat when they talk racist stuff. i don't care if you're my friend, i may ignore you but the pencil evil thoughts is playing in me.
- like to be a loner most of the time.

- talk to myself.
- am NOT funny but sarcastic. but people thinks i'm funny. stupid.
- take nude pics of myself especially my back because i like to see my vertebra sticking out.
- dislike acting bimbos and people who think highly of themselves.
- am NOT cool or happening.
- might be arrogant to certain kind of people. Eg. racist.
- might not be arrogant either but i just look like one cos i'm born with small eyes and a pout so fuck.
- like mild kinky sex. i get bored easily.
- wish i have 2 boyfriends to give me attention. yes i had a master plan to cheat on my boyfriend once but i never did it.
- love to do the laundry.
- choose friends.
- will stop trying to get along with my friends that i can't get along with actually.
- dislike bumping into friends because i have nothing to say and dislike having pointless conversation just to be friendly.
- but... i don't mind bumping into hazel, joanna, ivy, juli, see ting and the gang, shaleeni and long lost friends whom i adore.
- check out girls more than guys. i don't know why.
- love slutty lingeries.
- love to cut hair. it's like orgasm when the scissors snips my hair of to the ground.
- intend to rear penguins as pets for real. it's not funny nor impossible.
- dislike people who tries TO HARD to be sexy. you just lose it in the end.
- enjoy cooking my own breakfast and eating at any hour.
- dislike boys who goes to cyber cafe everyday. it makes them not so bright and lazy. no i don't think they are cool.
- think nerds with style are way cooler.
- enjoy fruit juice very much.
- intend to get my tongue pierce.

I can't think of what else to list down. but when i do. i'll write again.
I'm off for my lunch. Got class on Saturday. Bah!! Hate it.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yin Moi

Happy 20th Birthday Phoebe Lee!!

Phoebe Lee. Known her during my foundation year in college. She was in my class. Talks way a lot! Always asking questions till i get so annoyed at times because she always ask Why-Why questions like a small kiddo. She was so dependant last time. But I am PROUD to say that you're my (Pink) friend. Aaaahh...You've grown so independant now (at least when Alvin isn't with you) and tough (emotionally). Haha, I still remember the day I taught you how to take the bus to subang parade to buy your My Little Pony. You were so lost and afraid. Lost sheep. Anyway, we grew apart ever since she failed a subject and had to defer. Anyway, have a joyful birthday!! Don't fuck too much. I love you. But of course not more than your darling Alvin.

Today was kinda boring. I have no mood to do research on my assignments. Brought my parents to meet with the counselor to discuss about my oversea studies. Attended business class (boring boring boring). Maybe I'm not ambitious enough to make BIG $$$.

I am going to watch the movie Big Fish again. Doing stage design this term and my movie BIG FISH will be converted into a play. So I have to create 8 scenes, backdrops and props and do storyboarding. I will do my best to get A for this one. Lecturer ask me not to think too far yet. Watch the movie again and again then think a lil deeper. Deeper? I don't know what he meant but I will try to think "deeper". =)
So next week progress for Stage design is..... tell him my thoughts (I wanna eat cheddar cheese and buy shoes). Yeah...okaay..


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

2nd day at college

i avowed that TODAY I AM...

Not to forget overwhelmed too!! Firstly today i woke up at the correct side of the bed. Yes i did! Second, I got an A- for my Special Topic journal paper. Yippee!! It's diffucult to impress the lecturer from The ONE Academy okay and A- is like WOW already. =D My lecturer for Special Topic is somehow quite difficult to impress too. He's so knowledgeable and sometimes he make me feel so small and dumb. Today was in the train looking at the journal I wrote on my way home. So wanna hug it! Mr. Khoo.*hugs*Last term I admit I am a lil kiasu but in a good way of course. At least I have the drive to do good. Last few terms was sucky because when I look at my past submissions I go YUCK and embarrassed.

Yesterday Catherine and I were checking our results for last term and I was satisfied and happy to. My hardwork paid off. Catherine got A- for the journal too. We both were smiling at the notice board when we saw our results but she somehow was kinda disappointed with with some the subject grades. I got

Hospitality Design - B+ [Critic session made me sweat]
Interior Science - B+ [Tommy, you're soooo fussy but I like you!]
Consumer Behaviour - C+ [Don't give a shit Mr. Mark because you talk to ducks and not us]
Interior Pro Practice - B [Ms Harlina I'm sad. Spent RM 200 for this dissertation]
South East Asia Studies - A- [Va Nee, I love you and will miss you when I graduate]
Special Topic - A- [Mr. Khoo, hug you and hope to get A this term too!]

Shi Jin!! I love you!! My daily dose of sanity. =]

Okie! I'm of to watch my electronic box.

Friday, September 01, 2006


HEHE!! Today Kelvin, Jeff and I ate Baskin Robbins at uptown. Ate the 1/2 gallon handpacked and was GOOOOOD......

A couple was amazed with the size and asked "you guys gonna finish this here?"

At first, those two brothers Kelv and Jeff was whining about how big the amount was and we couldn't finish it and bla bla bla.

BUT AFTER 20 MINUTES... voila! Mission accomplished! Ice cream tub is empty!

16 year old Jeff has high blood pressure and was hoping for mommy to come back and take him for a medical check up after tasting the sweet fatty ice cream. Sheesh! I know i'll have diabetes when i grow old because both sides of my family has diabetes. Genetics. But right now, i don't really give a shit about health when it comes to yummy food. I have a tummy and it's not really pleasant to look at but trying very hard to shade it off and still indulge myself in good food. =)

After that, went home and i hung out at Kelvin's place till 4 pm then he sent me home. Think that was the only time we snuggle and cuddle and took a nap together after months struggling with homework.


Last week was even more fun. Since we missed so many movies during our busy college schedule, last saturday we decided to have our own movie marathon. Watched 3 movies in a day. Wait...let me try to remember the sequence...

1. Monster House - one utama
2. The Break Up - one utama
3. Click - Cineleisure

The only show I like out of the three was Monster House. The other two didn't really move me much. After movie (Click) we then ate dinner at Itallianies, The Curve. Baby was so sweet to carry me when crossing over to Cineleisure because it was raining heavily and I was wearing heels. Piggy back...EEeeee!! Always wish someone could piggy back me during times like this.

Sunday, September 3, 14.19

I've been delaying this post for so many days. Now I don't feel well. Fever. Body aching. So unlucky. When I'm so excited to go back to college, I fall sick on the very last weekend of holidays. Shoot! I sleep so much but the fever just keeps coming and going.