Monday, July 30, 2007

i ate at SOHO 新today.

I decided to treat mom and dad dinner since i got my paycheck and i chose this restaurant to bring them to. It's at One Utama old wing, located near Jusco or next to Johnny's Steamboat. It's some sort of a fusion chinese restaurant. A mixture of HongKong and Shanghai cooking. Taste really good. =) Price goes well with the food quality and portion. The stir fried Mongolian rib eye beef is a MUST TRY dish. It's even more delicious than Fergie.

(I dislike Fergie btw. She def trying to hard to be sexy & when you over do it... it's just not sexy anymore. The stir fried rib eye is like Charlize Theron. Humble & so darn sexy. What the Hell am i babbling?? I have no idea....)

London cool is their restaurant concept. Modern interior with interesting face poster prints decors. Toilet design it's just ok laaaa.. I dislike the wash basin. Though I really love Italian and Western food but it's just not as much as Chinese. I think Chinese food has the most variety ever. Going there next week hopefully.

"Yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy..."

Goodnight people.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

freetime part II

boy meets girl. boy goes after girl. boy makes girl happy. girl makes boy happy. boy and girl happy happy. then boy cheats on girl. girl is devastated and tormented with boy's bastard actions. boy stabs girl in the heart and moves on. girl moves on with a heart that was stitched morbidly.

lately i've been told stories like this and vice versa for the past few weeks. i've been through it. i feel their pain. there's anger in me each time i hear stories of infidelities. some moved on. some trying hard to move on. some couldn't. some thought they did but there's actually no closure yet. i took a year to heal but sometimes time doesn't heal i guess.

After 6 months the infidelity happened, then only i cried. it was just too difficult to tear before that.

It's been a year and a half yet he still couldn't forget her.

She puts on a facade during the day but hides in the room crying before she sleeps everynight for 4 months.

Her bf pushed her to the floor when she asked him about the other woman. It's been a year yet it's still unsettle.

sigh s.c.r.e.a.m.i.n.g.i.n.f.i.d.e.l.i.t.i.e.s.
aiyoh...listen la to Bjork- Army of me.
i'm too lazy to do work la. Boringggggg nyer.


I'm actually suppose to be doing my layout plan for a club house but i'm just too lazy to stare at autocad so let me stray a lil to blogger. =)
Right now I'm violently cheerful. Yes i am!! So i'm in the mood to type type! Yeep yeep!!
First, i just wanna update a lil about me. I graduated already! Yes yes! The ceremony was held at Sheraton, Subang Jaya. Dad coulsn't be there because he went back packing to Vietnam so only mommy came. She was making a big deal about this few months back but i had no idea why i didn't care. Was suppose to buy this dress from Warehouse but ended up not buying it because i was planning to dress smart formal effortlessly. I took lots of pics but uploading it is tiring.

Above is a pic of me and a few of my classmates. (L>R - Siong Siong, Mickey and Wei Lian) Below are a few of my favourite design lecturers.

Khoo - a very cool lecturer. puts on a cold fish look but he's actually very nice and very knowledgeble.
John - the baby face lecturer. extremely friendly and always helpful when i'm stressed out.
Macy - my tutor who's getting more and more fashionable.

This is Va Nee. I love her teaching so much. No matter how tired i am, i can never sleep in her class. She makes Moral and Culture studies so interesting.


One day i was at office and i was so bored after lunch, i decided to take pictures of the design studio.

Last 2 weeks, i rushed to meet this girl because she's leaving soon to Brisbane, Australia. Meet Ms. grumpy but nice Sarah K. She's always thinking I'm mean. Dia suka main rambut! Me too la.. I have hair loss problems so i control.

Happy 21st Birthday to See Ting!!
Today is this moi chai birthday... yaya... she's a fan of steamboat and ktv. Tomorrow is her bf Chin Yong's birthday. Yesterday was their 1st anniversary. It's really 3 in 1. =D
Ps: my eyes memang sepet la and looks evil so stop asking me to open my eyes big big because i look cute stupid okay. There! mampus!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Violently moody.

If you complain once more,

you'll meet an army of


It's a song lyric by Bjork. I love this song when i was 10 though i have no fucking idea what she was saying back then. But now i know and her songs somehow gives me confidence to go on with my daily lame problems that i have to deal with which i don't derserve at all. I feel so fucking fucking fucking sexy each time i listen her music. It makes me so high like i'm on drugs and just wanna dance sensuously. I'm so tired with my daily life at times. I wish i don't know certain people in my life. I wish i could just say no to people, really be the evil keneevil me and just snap whenever i feel cranky or annoyed. I have patience but that doesn't mean i can be bullied. I am carefree to a certain point only. Many people annoy me but i just have to ignore it because...i just have to. I don't feel like crying. I just want a punching bag, a real one and box it with my bare knuckles. Recently i've become someone aggressive. Words are my weapon. Maybe because for the past few months i built walls to protect myself and slowly building my own army of me to kill. It's so frustrating trying to fix things you know? Wish i just had the courage to walk away or probably kill the person who's causing me problems. I have a talent of fixing people's problem but why the hell i can't fix mine with that damn talent of mine. I often dream of me walking on rocks while hearing sounds of cutlery falling from above slamming on rocks. How freakish is that?

I got to stand up, got to manage and not sympathize anymore. My rescue squad is too exhausted. I need a vacation and have fun. A vacation to Australia or America.

If you complain once more,

you'll meet an army of me,

army of ME.

Monday, July 09, 2007

I felt so bad for not attending to Caleb's and Cathetine's birthday party because i had to work late on a Friday night. We are surrounded by bistros and bars. People from PJ or KL come all the way down here to party and have an eventful Friday night but we are stuck working on a groovy friday. But i don't mind working late because i'm currently doing something i love. Ate alot of Pringles while working. My two other colleagues were with me at the studio. Jeff was so happy that he got his Emil Chow concert tickets by winning a radio contest and kept crooning to his songs. It seems like a sad thing working on a Friday night i know. Jeff took his drawings and threw them all over the table and said in cantonese, "I don't want to do la! Let's go clubbing!" Next thing you know he grabbed all the drawings and said, "Sigh...cannot la... after client angry." -_-

We all left the studio at around 1.30 am. I saw :

- luxurious cars parked along the block.
- drunkards singing.
- girls who are drunked and having trouble walking straight.
- men vomitting.
- rats digging trash.
- girl crying while walking out from the bar alone.
- girl walking out angrily.
- guy whining about his problems to another guy.

Not so much of a fun Friday huh. Got back at 2 am. Bathe then watch my drama - The L Word.

This is lame. Last week I went to buy this dvd series from a nearby shop around my office. So when i was about to pay for my dvd series. Here's the conversation.

Dvd guy: Are you a lesbian?


Erinn: Ya. Why?

Dvd guy: No just asking. So you gonna watch with your girlfriend la?

Erinn: Ya.

Dvd guy: I see. I'll save season 5 for you then. Guys love watching this drama too.

Erinn: I guess so too.

Dvd guy: So u're a lesbian since school time?

Erinn: Yeap. So how much is it?

Dvd guy's gf: 40 ringgit. I never see a lesbian before actually o... So your gf is as tall as u ar?

Erinn: Taller. Thank you and bye bye.

Dvd guy & his gf: Bye bye. Come again for the next one la.


Funny la those two but they are very friendly nice people. Above conversation was just for my own amusement. If you find is boring and useless then i'm so sorry. This is how random i get. I write whatever that comes to mind. I wanna talked about everything in a limited time frame/ paragraph. so it can get messy.

Continue....Last week was a very busy week and tiring week for me.

Monday- Rush for dinner with Sarah after work.
Tuesday- Rushing for a presentation will late night.
Wednesday- Celebrated Shi Jin's birthday.
Thursday- Out again after work but can't remember where.
Friday- As mentioned above. Work late again.
Saturday- Out with mom.
Sunday- Out with Jonz.

I will not wanna do it again because i don't like going out everyday honestly. Call me old but i don't give a shit. Yes i'm not happening. Though i realized working life is kinda boring. The cycle goes like...

Wake up >get dress >eat >go for work >lunch>work >dinner >tv >sleep

Normally a person's life will follow the cycle above. Probably add ">clubbing" or ">party" or ">gym". if you take the effort to funk up your life, good for you but please... GYM is not a happening activity. Yes it's like the "trend" now but getting obsess with treadmills and weight machines will make you even more boring than Erinn Wan. In my case, i'm so easily contented. =) I probably wanna go climb mountains la if i ever had that kind stamina or white water rafting if i'm not chicken shit.

Okay. I feel like listing July babies:

Shi Jin
See Ting
Ee Von
Fang Chin
Catherine Wong
Yeong Kwan
Gim Loong
Melissa Wong
Sze Lin
Yen Sue

Okay. Time for TV.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A hot Sunday.

So i look like a malay mix girl now huh? Just because i'm a lil tan recently.

Does this look like a malay mix rabbit? Jusssst wondering.

How lame can i be? Very.
There's a reason why i call myself sepet penguin at times.