Friday, March 30, 2007


My thumb is fully recovered. Haha! You guys must be wondering what happen to my thumb.

You see, the skin at my thumb joint is thick simply because the way i hold the pen makes the skin there thicker laaa. So i love to peel the skin last time- during lessons in school, watching tv, in the car and etc. I peel the epidermis and then the dermis till it bleeds yet i still continue peeling and sometimes i poke it with a sharp object or my nails just so i could feel the pain. Even when i bend my hurts badly but i just like it. It's addictive. This habit stopped when i was in college. But... few weeks ago, i don't know how this habit came back...Oh how i miss the pain but i had to stop because Shi Jin is grossed out with this weird thumb thing. So i stopped and...

Now i would like to make an announcement to myself & Shi Jin that... my thumb has recovered. Thank you.

I have pictures of the "wound" but...nvm la.. Just incase some of you are eating while reading this.

ps: this post was inspired by Zyenn.

Phoebe finally updated her new blog after soooo long. But i will not link it. The fewer people visit the better. Peace Phoebe. I got a external hard disk too thanks to Alvin. Next will be a handphone, mp3 player and hopefully a laptop. Don't think i'm getting Ipod. It's not worth paying for.

Shaleen!! Stop eating koala bears!! I know you secretly kill them for food. Haha!! crap la! Really miss you la. I wanna go back to the time where i sat with you in class and laugh till we get muscle cramps. My food provider!!

Eugene San birthday's coming... lalala... time to take another pic of the 3 of us. Alot of changes i think compare to our old pic of us. Just too bad i have to miss the birthday dinner because i'm working and will only be there after 9. Eating dinner all alone again.

Yes!! Gilmore Girls season 7! Albert White Bitch promise to dload it and burn into a dvd for me as a gift for helping him with voice over for his animation. Thank god yr Cool Bitch did not have sore throat...

Okie...i'm outta here. Tomorrow..material hunting for model making.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Strawberry on a short cake.

Don't ask me about today's blog post title. I have no idea why i put that. All i know is that i'm soooo lazy to do my design work. Since i decided to laze around earlier, i dug out my letter boxes from my "secret hiding spot" and read some of the cards, letters, old love letters and postcards. I have 4 boxes of it and i just pick 2 to dig on. It was really sweet to look back at all these cards and stuff. Thyana was very creative back then (Now even better la because she's always getting distinction for her design workshop). She made very beautiful cards together with her very colourful handmade/handdrawn envelopes. We were happy lil primary school girls back then. Collecting Backstreet Boys posters, stickers, spending countless money on Smash Hits mags, listening to walkman during Geography lessons, dreaming of going to BSB concert, and etc. There's this card she gave me on my 12th Birthday, it has a poem which goes like this..

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
AJ is so cool,
And as funky as you!!!

Killer la this poem. Hahaha!! Yes i used to like Alexander James from BSB. He's so sexy that time. =) Nick Carter too. And i will always remember your "Love, Peace + Chicken Grease". I do agree "Love, Love Always" bla bla.. is a lil boring. Rock Steady my friend. "Rock Steady" was adapted from No Doubt's album named Rock Steady year 2001 I think. So far... we only had one very tiny arguement and that also...stupid shit la that one. Can't even remember why.

These are some of the cards i received from cupcake Thyana. I love the Rose Dancer card she sent to me! Artsy la!
I will go to Melbourne. I want to. I am a loner in college la.... I actually don't have close friends. I don't even know why. (gosh, it sounds so depressing on cyber) I face problems like language, mind set, maturity level, interest, sarcasm level, lame jokes, etc. Or maybe i didn't try hard enough to communicate with friends around me instead i give excuses just to... Eh...what the hell am i talking?? Don't know la..aiks! Change topiccc

Oh! I love collecting colour pens and glitter tubes so i can make kick ass cards in school. No one can beat my fucking creative cards la i tell you! Fitri was my friendly competitor. I spent about 100 bucks on my very high quality stationery that i owned and i'm famous for my wicked huge pencil box. You can rare hamsters in there. Yahahaaaa..!! I just love stationery. Now not that huge anymore compare to stupid Roxy pencil boxes out there. Dislike Roxy!

Most of the cards i received are purple. Those who know me well. I just love Purple so much.
Besides Thyana's, I spotted Juliana, Director of Ikan Bilis and Joanna Mangkuk cards. Sailormoon fans they are. So is Ivy. Li Vee cards are very very vibrant! They looks so new eventhough it's years back.
This morning, my dad thought i am fagging because he saw lighters in my pencil box. The conversation was funny-weird and it goes stg like this:
Dad: Erinn, why do you have a lighter in your pencil box?
Erinn: I just have it la.
Dad: Why you wanna have a lighter in your pencil box? You have 2 some more.
Erinn: Because I like to play with it once in a while. I'm like a fly. I like light. *mom giggling*
Dad: You smoke is it? Too stress with work is it? You better don't smoke ar...
Erinn: Huh? No la... I'm not smoking don't worry. But i like to smell tobacco la. I got cig box in my room which i smell it once in a while. I got it from my guy friend. *shows dad the Malboro box*
Dad: Empty wan?
*both parents smelled the box and agrees with Erinn that it smells good*
Erinn: DUH! Because i don't smoke. Trust me la.
Dad: So you really not smoking?
Erinn: Noooo. When i'm stress, i eat alot and watch Gilmore Girls.
Dad: Okay. What you want to eat for breakfast?
Mom: What la you.. now only you know yr girl like to play with lighter?
Erinn: Maybe i should try smoking when you guys go China, leaving me home alone for 8 days. I should go clubbing, get myself high on alcohol and come back 5 am. Then horrr....Damn stress.. don't know what to eat. Eating alone some more... aiyoh...alone ar? So sad. Must smoke.
Dad: Don't smoke. And don't talk nonsense.
Sigh... wanna go to bed now. This post is so very random and whiny. Sorry if i offended anyone. Goodnight.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Screaming Fits.

Some will learn, many do,
cover up or spread it out.

After all, what's the point?
Course levitation is POSSIBLE.

It's typical - create a world,
A special place of my designs, to never cope and never care.

Just breath...

* i just don't understand why some of you are so mean and like being a bitch? i so wanna change them before i start dodging like i used to. it's a weird bitch world i'm looking at.
say if i were to sleep around, will you not be my friend anymore?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

2nd Anniversary

March 8, 2007

I saw this beautiful coming. I took a day off from work so I could spend time with YOU. I know ever since I started working part time, we did not went dating or catch a movie like we used to. So we decided on the 8th, we will go on a regular date. I was excited. So were you. It's like a first date or something. I don't know how to pen down how I felt but I think you know what I meant. We had lunch at TGI Friday, curled in the cinema watching Ghost Rider and how uncool and cheesy Mr. Blaze was. It was so funny! Then we skipped dinner because we're still full. We ordered 4 person portions of food at Fridays when it's only the two of us. We went to Cat Whiskers at Dmamansara Perdana and he bought a dress for me. Thank you for being so patient for helping me to carry all the clothes to the fitting room knowing that I won't buy because all kinda sucks. Bad cutting, bad design, bad workmenship...etc. The whole day was great Shi Jin.It was more than awesome to spend the whole day with you and thank you for making me feel so special,treating me so fantastically well, puts me first all the time, waiting hours for me just to have dinner with me, making sure everything's perfect when we go out and loving me for who I am. I'm so thankful to have you and I am 100% sure now that no other guy will treat me so well like you. Love you to bits!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


My Valentine was a BLAST!! I really don't know how to express my joy for that day. I had to work till 10pm and Shi Jin waited for me to get out from work and lavish me with gifts. I can tell you spend a fortune Shi Jin... Got me a very beautiful necklace from Axezz, Ferrero Rocher chocs, a small cute cup, a Converse cap and a sexy tong. I love all of it!! The most important thing is spending it with you and thank you so much for eveything! Everything. We seldom argue now. I can't remember when we argued actually. I think we have grew to love each other even more and cherish each moment we spend together. I hate to say this but we are so cute and loving together!! ><

So I had a Prosperous Chinese New Year. Ang Paos this year increased (surprise surprise) and i also receive a huge ang pao from my Daddy boo worth RM 1500 because he won the lottery. He bought my birth certificate no. and BAM!! Hoho! Wonderful. Saving it for rainy days. Chinese New Year pics later if i'm hardworking enough to compress the photo size.

Been really busy with my project. My secret to lose weight is still the same. It works but very unhealthy. I gained 2 kgs last semester break because i kept eating biscuits and "kuih kapit" every night. I lost 3 kgs in no time just by working too hard and not getting sleep. No i don't weigh myself often. Just so happen when i visited the clinique last week, I found out i weigh 46.5 kg. The kuih kapit tin must come back into my room. This method works better than those diet pills and sauna solution. Hahaha! Go pay RM4000 and lose those fats la if you want to look like a stereotype skinny chinese girl. Like Thyana once said, "They all look alike la."

Last 2 days, Catherine parents had been fattening me up by serving me awesome Fook Chow food when i overnight at her beautiful home in Sitiawan. Fried butter oyster, "yee piew", expensive steam cod fish, home cook shark fin soup, bird nest (thick and yummy) and other Sitiawan famous treats. Thank you for your hospitality. Her dad was so kind to take us rounding all over to look for material samples for our boutique cafe design. It was a fun experience in small town Sitiawan.

Sue-li has gone to Melbourne. Missing her so much. This kind, innocent, down-to-earth, cute and cheerful lady has been my very good friend since form 2. Thank goodness i got to spend some time with her before her flight. I'm sorry i had to work on that day. But she's not going there for long. Yippee! I hope she make the best of that 8 months there. Thyana has implant the "Oh so wonderful Melbourne" in my brain till I can actually imagine myself shopping and eating there. Fuck the racism there though but who cares.

I always don't understand why ppl like to disturb/backstab Phoebe when they don't even know her well. It really sucks. She has opened me up to the world of childish-jealous-pathetic bitches and bastards. I seriously don't understand why she's always get picked on, always being misunderstood and I don't know why does it fucking irritates me so much. Gosh! How pathetic can this ppl be?

Oh and those who have problems with blackheads and's a must to try out Cellnique Pro Sebum gel. The results were awesome i tell you! My skin texture inproved alot after 3 days and the blackheads and whiteheads are visibly reduced in 10 days. Just like the product promised. =) Big thanks to Eugene girl for recommending me this product. *big smile*

Break time's over...Gotta work on my menu design. I'm sick with photoshop. Only newbies get hooked up with it. I'm assuming they wanna look artsy or designer-ish. Just assuming. Maybe i'm wrong.

My baby's chunted photo artwork for Photography assignment. I like it very much because it's sad and creepy at the same time.