Sunday, September 23, 2007

I got tagged by Thyana, the murderer.

Instructions: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do the survey.
1. Shaleeni
2. Thyana
3. Hazel
4. Shi Jin
5. Zyenn
6. Fitri
7. Catherine
8. Albert Bishop
9. Albert Yong
12.Victoria Beckham
15.See Ting
16.Eugene Loh
20.Jason Dohring

I tag: Zyenn, Shaleeni, Shi Jin, Eugene San, Catherine, Sarah, Albert Bishop, Phoebe

1. How did you meet 14 (Willian)?
She’s my classmate in college and she’s freaking tall! Taller than be by ~2 inches. That makes her 175cm I think.

2.What would you do if you had never met no.1 (Shaleeni)?
I will not know how to play “Marry Had A Little Lamb” on the piano, no delicious chocolate cakes, nobody to swim with and laugh at my flat chest in highschool, nobody to fetch me home after school, no barbaric voices to keep me awake in class, no arguing with this Shaleeni and certainly, i’m missing out 1 good buddy.

3. What would you do if 20 (Jason Dohring) and 9 (Albert Yong) dated you?
Jason will def be impossible. Albert…Ballistic couple we will be, argue a lot and I’ll start whacking him with my high heels and he’ll probably thinks I’m too stupid for him.

4. Would 6 (Fitri) and 17 (Sarah) make a good couple?
Honestly no. They’ll go ballistic on each other too.

5. Describe no.3 (Hazel).
Caring, lazy too, ah ma to all her friends. My great MaMa Zel.

6.Do you think no.8 (Albert Bishop) is attractive?
This one is pretty boy. Lovely pretty boy so YES.

7.Tell me something about no.7 (Catherine).
She’s the piglet. A very emo one and loves me to death. Haha!

8. Do you know anything about no.12's (Victoria Beckham) family?
Her husband is David Beckham and she has 3 good looking boys.

9. What is no.8's (Albert Bishop) favourite?
No idea. Camwhoring? Hentai Porn? Digital animation stuff?

10. What would you do if no.11 (jeffrey) confesses that he/she likes you?
Hahaha!! I will slap him and say shut up and stop dreaming.

11. What language does 15 (See Ting) speak?
Hokkien is her main everyday dialect and English too. Lil bit of Cantonese & Mandarin and some cacat Malay.

12. Who is 9 (Albert Yong) going out with?
My bf, shi jin. =)

13. How old is 16 (Eugene Loh) now?
same age as I am.

14. When was the last time you talked to 13 (Eugene)?
At the airport.

15. Who is no.2's (thyana) favourite singer?
Honestly no idea. David Bowie? (wild guess)
16. Would you date no.4 (Shi Jin)?
No I won’t! Haha!

17. Would you date 7 (Sarah)?
No I won’t too!

18.Is 15 (Sean) single?
No ideaaa..

19. What is 10's (Merry) last name?
That would be Lian.

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11 (Jeffrey)?
No because age gap tooo big la.
21. What school does 3 (Hazel) go to?
Methodist Girls School.

22. Where does 6 (Fitri) live?
Taman Chi Liung Klang

23. What's your favourite thing about no.5 (Zyenn)?
Caring, understanding and fun to talk to. Super psycho.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Night at Laundry

My colleagues: Merry & Catherine

The boy & the girl

Mp3 waves in my head:

Shawn Colvin - Sunny Came Home
Paula Cole - I Don't Wanna Wait

Vega 4 - Life Is Beautiful
Bjork - Innocence

I've been busy catching up with my downloaded dramas and movies. I sleep at 3 am almost everyday even on working days and this wear me out so much but i just don't seem to care.
Ever since i started working my skin has gone bad. Not knowing why. I put less make up now. Was browsing through old pics and found this.

Me + Catherine, with no make up on.

So healthy la my skin that time. =)

It's dinner and satay will be my choice tonight!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


My life is full of distraction.

Right, distraction... I haven't been succeeding in finishing Marie Antoinette the movie which i've downloaded like months ago. Oh crap. There's always distraction around me. What kind? Can't describe because i don't even know. All i know that it's annoying... Time does fly faster when i started working.

Crap #1 from the "cupcake" :

The reason male homosexuals have a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS is because there is a high concentration of white blood cells in the rectum, and the rectum is functioned to absorb fluid. Anal sex is the most risky sexual behaviour in terms of contracting aids/hiv.

I'm loving the clothes that Veronica Mars wears. Thank goodness i'm in a designing firm that doesn't need me to dress formal (office-ish). Stripes and slacks?? HAHAHA! Few months back, i came to realized i was forcing myself to fit on baby doll dress just becasue everyone's wearing it. It's the trend now. I do like dresses but not baby doll ones. Oh cry out loud. Me in thick hair bands? Screw myself and smacks my forehead. I bought one baby doll dress couple of weeks ago and i'm guessing it will never have a chance to fit me because it's too damn cute and i look pathetic trying to be young and cute. I'll just watch every girl wearing it > compliment them and then passsssssss....

I put on some weight ever since i've started working. NO I DIDN'T weigh myself. I DON'T even have a weighing machine. I saw a "chicken fillet" protruding out from my abdomen. It's 3 months old and i'm getting rid of it. I put on some weigh i know but i'm happy that i finally have an ass (yippee!) but also working out to stay fit so i could eat more garlic-butter-cheese naan. My craving for the month. My super working out plan? 50 sits ups and 15 minutes on the bicycle. I know it's a lazy work out plan but who cares? At least i plan to "move".

Why am i chatting in Malay with Phoebe?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

i have a slight crush for Jason Dohring all of the sudden...

Friday, September 07, 2007

shades of grey

Wasn't in my best mood today. I had my sour face on at office and i can't help but to feel that way. I know i'll be fine. I know i'll get use to it after a while. I cannot worry anymore for i have no control towards what ever that will happen in the future. What ever will be will be. I manage to get closure. I went to airport to send him of. It was something i would never do and i am proud of myself. I'll probably will regret if i didn't go. At least i get to hold yr cold sweaty hands and give you a last hug before you leave. =)

You just called half an hour ago and i was glad to know you have safely arrived there. You'll do well there. I know it.

Anyway, so after feeling tired of drowing in gloominess today, i decided to go 1utama with Catherine and we both when shopping for a while. Felt better after that. Came home...had no mood to play with my rabbit today so i just fed her apple and headed straight into my room and wait for Shi Jin to call while chatting with some friends. Thank you all for yr concern and msges. I'm honestly fine. =)

It's 2.08 am and i'm still awake chatting with Sarah and Catherine. My complexion became bad all the sudden. I have no idea why but i'm not doing anything about it. I put less make up now compare to couple of months back which is yippee! I'm in a confuse state right now. I feel like cutting my nails because it's long but it's so late now and i need to sleep. I don't like long nail anymore because it's difficult for me to work. From my messy sentences, you can tell i'm all jumbled up.

Catherine ask whether i write poems because she loves writing it. How romantic can this piggy get? Very. Ahaha! So i told her i do last time but i lost my inspiration to the devil. It's kind of weird reading it now but i'm gonna post it anyway. I wrote it back in the year 2004. Please don't laugh.


You brought me closer
to everything i wanted,
You made me see
behind your thoughts,
the thoughts i had paid a penny for,
Do you remember?
The teary eyes that were half open,
The eyes you wouldn't allow to shut,
Blow away my tears of pain,
Make my sight not blurry,
Make me see the blue corn moon,
Make me see the joy in life,
Walk me down the road,
The one i was afraid to walk alone,
Make me see the thing,
the thing i never saw,
Wait for me to be myself again,
Lay your lips on mine,
Mesmerize me with those dreamy eyes,
Rush through me,
Let me feel again,
Let me see,
What i never saw.

Hahaha! Goodnight.