Monday, April 30, 2007

Thank you Albert for burning the Gilmore Girls season 7 for me. Recently i am curious to know what songs my friends listen to. I find it interesting because somehow i can get to know them by listening to their songs. Recently i discovered Albert likes sad emo songs but not those My Chemical Romance type of emo punk/rock. Any song that brings out his emotions. If he can cry to or feel depress. That song wins. Happy songs he listens too are so freaky. One of it is Toybox. Serious so happy lala land kinda songs. I still have my own list of classics. Childish ones will be the Tiny Toon Adventure 1990 song. It goes like,
~It's tiny, it's tooney, we're all the little looneys, it's tiny toon adventure and it's fun fun fun!! And now the show's begun!~
Maybe there's errors with my lyrics but who cares. I hum this song when i'm happy. Another one is by The Beatles - Yellow Submarine. Recently i keep playing I Write Sins But Not Tragedies by Panic! At the Disco in my itunes. I was surprised that i even like this (kind of) song which usually i'm not interested, but this particular song makes me feel panic listening to it. Must be the vocals or stg. Another one is The Fratellis- Whistle For The Choir, got this from Thyana's blog. Try PJ Harvey too.
Then i was introduced to Regina Spektor by another Albert(Yong). Not bad and British again. Oh and Good Charlotte- Keep Your Hands Off My Girl sounds very British Rock. I guess British rock is the trend now. I still like some of Bjork tunes despite her horrible dressing. My brother was a big fan of Bjork and started feeding me with her songs since standard 3 or 4. It was hard to accept at first because her songs were all so WEIRD to me at that time. Then i started liking it eventhough i had no idea what on earth she was singing.
So you can send me any of yr favourite songs. I don't mind.
Anyway, i am suppose to bathe (notice the "e" sarah kow? i will always remember to type bathe thanks to you.) and then out for a drink with shi jin but i am too lazy but i haveeeeee toooo gooo...he's coming.
Fyi, i dislike my fringe. What was i thinking? People said i look mature. Another word "old". So i had this crazeeee idea to cut my fringe short just to look a lil younger and i over did it. Now i look too kiddish and this is not Erinn Wan Zhu-Jinn at all!! I feel stupid looking at myself every morning infront of the mirror. I always like long fringe. It's cool. This is too short and silly. Sigh... Mom laughed. Dad too. I'm waiting for magic to happen. Since i look cute so might as well i make the best of this cute look and be cute for a few weeks.
Got to run! Bye.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Happy Belated Birthday Rathyana!!
I'm sorry that you have to celebrate it in a computer lab. Nevermine!! Zhu-jinn is free now and got lotsa time to hunt yr pressiesssss....I always delay. Sorry. You're understanding, i know that. =P

My final crit is over. 7 designers will determine whether Erinn Wan Zhu-Jinn pass or fail.

"I feel your design but something's missing."

"I find it boring. It's not Bernard Chandran enough."

"I like your presentation boards. Very neat and clear."

"I like your handrawn perspectives but it's not enough. I want more."


It's over and i can't cry about it. Even if i fail then i fail. Think positive.

Got myself a good sleep. Slept 17 hours the first day of holiday. 11 hours today. Wonderful. I lost weight and my eyes are swollen due to lack of sleep for weeks. 2 hours of sleep each day isn't good. Not sleeping for 4 days straight for the last few days to final is alot worst. I don't dare to sleep actually because i know i will sleep like the dead and never wake up. So coffee is my saviour instead of god. My face was like "grey" when i looked into the mirror. Horrifying.

Anyway... i wanna pamper myself with a new bag. Nine West. I want 2 of their bags. One, asking my brother to get for me since i can't find it here. Another one, either the black or the blue tote. Only i know what i'm talking about. Gahaha! I need someone to help me decide! Really need someone. Shi Jin can't handle the pressure i assume.

I chuck all the pics into few layouts for Gene's birthday party pics. We took loads of pics with his cam and deleted alot too i think. I forgot how much i miss camwhoring.

Can't wait to shop this Saturday and eat steak and ice cream and sandwich. I'm thinking of sandwich now. Excellent photography lighting in my head.
*click the pics for better viewing.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

MGS socks.

Do you know Methodist Girls School has its own socks now? It's so lame. Today I ate lunch with See Ting and we came across this bunch of MGS girls who was wearing the same socks with the MGS wordings and yellow trimming. See Ting told me all girls HAVE to buy that socks and wear them in order to standardize bla bla.... "Shit" came to mind then "lame". Thank goodness i already left school. You'll get penalty marks if you don't wear them. Sigh... how lame can my ex school be? Each year they make stupid rules to discipline us. I remembered when i was in Form 5, we had this "no dustbin" rule where there're no dustbins in the class because most of the us are too lazy to empty it so they took away our dustbin... Then of course throwing rubbish under the desk is our only option or flower pots. "Kena" again la from teacher. Nag nag during morning assembly. Then Shaleen and I brought small plastic bags to throw our rubbish because we were such "discipline" students in school and we don't wanna litter. Then we got scolding i think... After that, they confiscated our plastic bag. Sheesh...

Shaleen...are you laughing right now?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

All alone.

So they left at 4am. Now i'm so hungry and i wanna eat but i'm just too lazy to get my ass out to buy food. There's nothing to cook i think. But just now...i went to the fridge to see what's in it, i found out that they bought me 5 bars of chocs and 4 quarts of Baskin Robbins ice cream because yday they had 31% discount.This is so awesome because they ordered lotsa Jamoca Almond Fudge for me. Yeeehehehe!! Now i can walk around at home in my undies just like how i used to in highschool. Seems fun to be alone but some how misses them though it's only for 8 or 9 days. I'll be cooking pasta tonight = buy chicken at tesco. I must do work. Musn't be lazy. Musn't.
Yesterday was tiring. Was at Eugene's birthday party and i was hyper due to coffee and ice cream effect. Made alot of childish noises and expressions. I'm sorry but i just can't believe i'm 21 this year. I am still used to saying "i'm 19". Camwhored alot with Zyenn, Gene and Shi Jin. Shi Jin likes to do horny poses. Got back at 2.30 am. Dad woke up and talked to me about bank statements and cheque stuff that i have to do on Monday.