Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pole Dancing

Kinky penguin wanna learn pole dancing!!

My parents definately won't allow me to but if I have a chance to, I will. =)

I don't know which Chevelle album to get. Last time, I wanted to get Wonder What's Next 2002. It was on my Wish List for a very very long time but other stuff from the list just gets in the way. But now the This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In) 2005 is not bad too.
Think....... I'll get the latest album.

Other cds i wanna puchase:

1) Staind, Chapter V
2) Dashboard Confessional, Dusk and Summer
3) Dashboard Confessional, A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar

Friday, July 21, 2006

Mundane Friday

Listening to Stereophonics - Mr. Writer over and over again and feeling blue. I kept sighing the whole day since morning. Yesterday I didn't sleep well and woke up at 5 something in the morning, crying, definately there's a reason why but I don't know what was the reason. I wish I could. SIGH... After that I went back to bed and slept but couldn't wake up in the morning for class. In class, lecturer taught us how to do the "list of illustrations" for our journal paper and that's it. Gym boy in class then talked about sex and his desires and positions because we had nothing else to do. It is so funny la the way he says Oh My God together with his facial expression. He was sharing his thoughts to me and 2 other friends of mine about tying the guy to the bed post and dripping candle wax on the chest, acting out rape scenes and other kinky erotic thoughts. Haha..you should see the face Piggie had. Shocked and her forehead labelling "I'm a Virgin", her heart crying for help and eeeww-ing all the way. She felt sick after that and walkaway from the conversation.

I miss Rathyana. Miss those days when we were single, carefree and would go shopping and check out guys in malls. I wonder if she's still into good looking indian guys with a piercing on the ear. I bet looks, humour, personalilty and intelligence is what she goes for now. Sigh...I suddenly miss highschool days. It's a rare feeling.

Gonna sleep for a while. God. Mozella - Light Years Away song is like onion to my eyes.

Friday, July 14, 2006

So desperate to shop but I have to resist the temptation. I have only RM 200 left to spend this month and I intend to save as much money as I can. I will try to gather RM 500 at least and Muaahahaha... I'll wear my walking shoes and start storming into every shop in the mall. Well I wish it will come true. July month is the hardest month to save money. Most of my friends birthdays fall on July and presents for them eats up my cash.

They say Sungei Wang is a nice place to shop but I don't know why I'm not comfortable shopping there. Feel like there's lotsa germs in the air, noisy, stuffy and creepy. The street fashion there is not my kinda taste either. WoO! But I intend to give that place a try because I wanna get a super mini skirt. Yes! Mini-mini ones.

Attended a PAM seminar at UM on Monday. Speakers are Daniel Rosbottom (DRDH architects) and Md. Rafiq Azam (Shatotto architects). The first session was boring. Fell asleep because Daniel was talking more about architecture structures and calculations and I was blur because I'm an interior student, not architecture.

See ting's birthday is coming up. I don't know what to get for that woman. I still owe Ee Von a present. Plan to get those presents done by this week if possible. Going out tomorrow with Kelvin for a movie in the evening. It's been a while since we last went out dating. He's so excited about tomorrow. So am I. Tsk tsk! Assignments are always in the way you know.

Ee Von birthday dinner was held at an Italian restaurant which i have forgotten the name. That night was fun but I do not have pics of it yet. Waiting for Sue-Li to upload them. Picture up there was taken before the arrival of Juliana. I needed Juli's ride to the restaurant because I was lazy to drive. I haven't cam slut for very long time. Smile or don't smile?

Wanna go out tonight but not sure yet. Sigh... in the mood...not in the mood...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Jonz!!

Happy Birthday Kelvin!!

Today was a very mini celebration. We both attended a seminar from 10 am till 6 pm that was hosted by our beloved college so there wasn't much time to "celebrate". But I do hope Kelvin (Jonz) had fun today though there were no candles and loud happy birthday song. I really hope you love the Ripcurl bag and the Baskin ice cream as your birthday present. I'm so undecisive when it comes to getting you presents especailly when I'm kinda tight! Gosh! I'll promise I will save. *holds up my flipper and make a promise to bunny*

Ate AnW for lunch. Kelvin miss it and I haven't step in there for I don't know how many years. But the curly fries is the best! Had some entertainment while eating lunch. Drama between Phoebe and Alvin. A very cute couple i should say. Opposite attract.

Alvin - moody, don't take nonsense, dislike talkative people i think
Phoebe - ask a lot of questions/talkative, jolly, pampered and whiny at times

Al hates taking pictures. Haha!

Phoebe look so koochi-rat or is it me who's big?

More pics during the seminar :

I'm blind folded and kelvin have to lead me around college. I look very blur.

Kelvin... lost.

Still lost.