Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have all the time in the world now...

Yes. I've submitted my finals last Friday and now i'm just enjoying my freetime doing nothing. I'm gonna catch up on sleep, take long showers and laze around till i go back to Malaysia. So while cleaning up and rearranging all my files in my computer, i took time to go through old pictures and decided to post some random pics.

Taken during Hazel and Fitri's Graduation Day at UM. I used to be the shortest among them. Rathyana was the tallest but she's not in this picture. Look at me now. When we were 12 or 13 years old Joanna used to mention, "Haha! Jinn i'm taller than you." Wakwakwak...

A house party at Phedon's place; they are dancing La Macarena. Haha! I couldn't stop laughing.


A mouse? A rabbit? ??

This jar of simple yummy choc spread that fatten me up. I share a love/hate relationship with Nutella now.

As you all Malaysians know, this is a dessert shop; i do like going there occasionally. BUT I find their logo happened to look like a penis. MELLOW FELLOW o.O aaaAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Yummy Mellow Fellow.

Okay, i have not patience when it comes to uploading pictures. Gonna continue watch the Ellen Degeneres Show. Bye!

Monday, May 17, 2010

As much as i'm excited to come home, there's a tiny bit of fear inside me. Much has changed and i've started to like my lifestyle over here in Manchester. Although the European lifestyle has a much slower pace and i have my many complaints about the locals, this lifestyle i built over here is slowly becoming precious to me. I don't drive over here and walking forces me to see everything around me and wonder more about things. It taught me to be more observant. Staying in a dodgy place makes me fear walking home at 2200. I hold my key ready to attack when someone in a hooded shirt walking towards or behind me. I enjoy watching uncensored foreign art films without feeling awkward. Sipping a tall cappucino at a bench in St. Peter Square accompanied by annoying dumb pigeons completes my Wednesday. I party with the right crowd and the right amount. I come back at 5am in the morning from a party/bar but the next day i work hard on my assignments and score straight A's for my design subjects. Pretty well-balanced lifestyle i've got here. (=

Am i lonely? No. Not at all. I love this whole independence and staying in this foreign country by myself with no familiar Malaysian friends is good for me. I will not have learned much if i created my Asian bubble. I will always remember my brother's advice. He told me to always remind myself that i'm in England and not Malaysia and i shouldn't be busy hunting for food like any Malaysians but absorb the culture, knowledge and embrace this journey. To be honest, food here mostly suck but i will not complain or compare it to tasty Malaysian food. There's more than just food in a country. It's funny that the first question that most ppl ask me when i landed here was - "how are you doing? how's the weather and the food? is the food good?". I smiled thinking how right my brother was.

Spoke to my flatmate about this a couple of times and she said this, "I've built this whole network according to my routine and my lifestyle, if i go back Poland, it's not the same. Yeah i miss my family but when i'm in Poland everthing is different and something is missing."

When i'm here, i'm free and inspired.
When i'm here, i don't feel the need to fit in or even bend myself to fit in because i've already blended in.

I think i've too much wine. I don't even know what i'm rambling about anymore. Goodnight!

Rathyana! Watch this film.