Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My first day of class is 9.30 am - Architectural Technology. You study about building structure and materials. I did learn that from college but i remembered i had this lecturer who didn't care if anyone listen to her in class. So i didn't really pay much attention to it. But thanks to my work experience i know i must really brush up my architecture knowledge so i can understand/speak the same language as the architects when i go back to work again.
I'm excited! I'm excited about student life - again. So much of information to absorb in just 2 hours so much of research to do. I hope i could get a part-time job at an interior firm or architect firm but chances are slim because of the recession.
I almost fell asleep after an hour of lecturer because i didn't have my morning coffee. When my lecturer gave a 10 minutes break, i ran to the Adelphi Building to the cafe and bought yogurt and cappuccino. I forgot how much i love yogurt.
Tonight i cooked the remaining pasta in tomatoes & mascarpone sauce and baked salmon (my 1st time baking salmon). I'm not bad at cooking. Another creative side of me that i would love to explore. =)

This is my walk home from my campus.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

red = chinese = sepet

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I presume it's gonna be a rainy day...

7°c outside. It's cloudy and I'm so cold!!

Anyway got up early this morning. Can't go back to sleep so i made a healthy breakfast.
Turkey ham sandwich & coffeeeeeee....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9.58 am - glooomy

It's 15 degrees outside but with this rain and strong wind. I bet my bones will freeze while waiting for the bus. I forced myself to shower this morning and god my knees couldn't stop shaking when i got out of the shower. Help!!

Gonna go out to stock up food supplies. Tonight i'll be making fruit salad for the Malaysian gang living downstairs. Hopefully the weather will be alright later because i plan to shop for winter wear. I need to!!! Wish me luck.

I don't like cold weather.

I feel puffy.

ps: thanks to my brother, Chris Dorman songs are my new morning tunes.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Salford, Greater Manchester

Finally after all the talking about going to study in the UK. It's finally happening for me. I will be studying in University of Salford in Greater Manchester, England pursuing my Bachelor in Interior Design. Infact i'm already here at my uni accommodation in my room. Arrived in Manchester airport on Tuesday, Sept 15th at 1pm and headed to my accommodation by coach (arranged by the Uni) - about 15 minutes drive. Salford itself it's a dodgy town by i'll be fine. I will just have to be a bit more careful when walking down the roads especially at night. For the past few days i was busy settling in my place, student registeration, checking-in, orientation and banking. My room's not too bad - will intend to jazz it up a bit to make it more comfy & homey. The weather can be a bitch i tell you.

I just came back from a daytrip to York 2hours ago. Will tell you all more about it in my next post. Cooked my own dinner - Chicken soup w/ button mushrooms and toast. I'm tired from all the walking that (and carrying my groceries) i've been doing for the past couple of days.
-To uni main campus (15 mins walk)
-To the city centre (10 mins walk)
-To Tesco Metro (15 mins walk)

I've been working for too long until i almost forgot how student life was. Gonna do it all over again. Will they annoy me? Will they ever stop being so excited? Will i get along with 18/19 year olds? Will i ever wanna get tipsy and do my horrible catwalk on the streets with my heels on? Will i adopt a British accent and bring it back home to annoy my family and friends? Will i get along with my flatmate? Will i do good in my classes? Sigh...bloody hell.

I HAVE TO REALLY GET USE to boys wearing super low baggy jeans and showing off their underwears/boxers/asses. 2 things that keeps the pants on:
1. A belt
2. Their balls

Ok i'm done with my dinner and i wanna "gao gao chu" soon. I'm so tired and my whole body is aching. I miss home and my fluffy Zoey.

p/s: There was rabbit pie at the Food Festival in York today. Ugh..