Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When turmoil happens, one should always remain a temperate response & collected. It annoys me when people switch sides so easily. They're so easily influence by other's or so much so they just want to be in the "group". No stand or opinion of their own at all. How can you grow then? Will you be able to learn to see things from different perspectives & aspects? Gossiping about someone who secretly helped you before without you even knowing - stands on my nerves. It's a misunderstanding and it's impossible for me to clarify it. Sigh! i don't know how to let out my frustration la! Bah!


Monday, December 15, 2008

At the office...

Thyana's back. I felt so bad for not having the time to actually plan the holiday. I feel so guilty. Work is taking my time but thank goodness my colleagues are so understanding and allow me to take a few days of. =)

I felt so much better after confronting to my brother and Thyana about the thing that i've kept inside for so long. I know what i have to do. I know that in a few years time the thing that i'm going through now will be seen as a small matter. But right now.. sigh.... i feel so tired and clueless at times.

Alrighty. Gotta go back to work.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

She left. It's clearly all a misunderstanding. Some are happy. Some aren't.
I'm know deep down inside, i'm not although i know it's for the best.
It's probably my fault for not offering my help to her. It's probably my fault for not warning her about the consequences of her actions/behaviour. I did understand some of her good deeds when i talked to her the other day although i didn't agree with her methodology. I can tell she's so sad and lost right now. But i do hope she finds herself and be happy.
There's two sides to a story and to be indirectly force to choose a side stresses me out. I chose not to pick one and therefore i caused myself to over analyze the situation just so i can see the rationale. Maybe that's why i'm losing focus at work. Maybe that's why i feel like drinking at work. Knowing too much information can burn you slowly.

Being famous.
It's so Hollywood.
Desperately wanting to be famous can make you lose yourself because you tend to do anything and everything to get there, to be someone great and earn the respect you've always dreamed of. As you progress, you will have those who hate your guts because your actions hurt/treaten them. What can i say? It's normal. -_-

I woke up yesterday morning and texted a few friends - asking whether how can one be a famous interior designer. As predicted, they all misunderstood me and thought i wanted to be famous. Haha! I wish. Like i said before, i kinda envy those who have the drive for wanting to go that far because i have none. Curiosity kills me la. Sigh...

I'm so whiny. Must be the wine.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

When the make up comes of.

It tore us apart - plague of social jabbing.
Unresolved issues - infinity.
Confrontation - always a problem in Malaysians i assume.
Leadership crisis - can anyone see this fucking problem?
Irresponsible accusations - finger-pointing is a classic act.
Judgmental - you chose a side already.
Running away - i always run from my problems but if it affects ppl ard me, i face the shit.
Sincerity - don't even question about it. it's gone.
Ambitious - i'm not & that's why i envy those who are.

I'm so angry. I'm angry because i let this stupid issues get to me. Why am i even feeling angry when i'm not involve?

Women... o.O Always so emotionally attach. Donkey.

I need to stop thinking and analyzing. I need to stop trying to be in ppl's shoes. It's smelly!! Get the hell out!

As you can see, the things i've said may not make sense. That's because i don't know how to express myself with proper sentences. But what the hell, it's my blog. I need a drink.