Monday, February 25, 2008

My very first experience....

I see it in almost all Iranian restaurants and mamak stalls around Hartamas. I couldn't be bothered to try it because I'm always so busy thinking of garlic cheese naan or roti cheese or the tandoori chicken or the pisang goreng near the CIMB bank. But last Saturday was my first time smoking sheesha.
I know I'm waaaay back and probably u'll be going like "been there done that". So on Saturday after watching Jumper (not a very good one. i actually kinda forgot most of the scenes. see? no impact at all. that's bad.), Eugene and Michelle brought me to Coffee Shack at TTDI to "yam char" and Headloco (Eugene donkayy) said, "Erinn, you must try!" Then I told them I'm nervous which it true! Then it came to deciding which flavour we wanna order. It's hillarious those two donkeys... Eugene wanted strawberry flavour and Michelle wanted chocolate then later she wanted grape. Eugene dislike the coffee flavour because he tasted it before and assumed the chocolate will taste bad too because it's BROWN. oookaaayy. Haha! Seriously, his facial expression was priceless la.. Reading it won't make u laugh but I'm laughing now! *snorts* Anyway... after smoking like a noob my throat dried and I felt thristy and then... i'm so lazy to tell you what happen when i got home so i'm just gonna wish you all goodnight.

Recommending Missy Higgins - Where I Stood to those who like some soft tunes. Love the wonderful lyrics. Also Richard Harris - Will You Be There.

*love + peace + chicken grease*

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sweeney Todd OST

Finally i watched Sweeney Todd on Tuesday. I heard it was gory so i chicken out but Cindy and Tj convinced me to watch it. I always love Tim Burton movies. It has all the Burton style/essences. The dark humour, the gothic setting, the pale make up and everything actually!! Now i'm addicted to the soundtrack. Been hearing it all day. Orchestra music always moves me and gives me adrenaline rush but i don't know any good ones. Just found out that Juliana Q loves orchestra too, 2 weeks ago. What a waste, i would have asked her to go to all the musical events held at KL Philharmonic. =(

Those who find it boring. Whaaaat la you all!

My dental surgery made me stay home the whole day since Thursday. Oh the piercing sound of the whatever machine that is used to section my wisdom tooth is deafening. I was a lil deaf on the left ear. The sound is even worst that then scaling machine. Anyway i finally got to watch Gloomy Sunday. It's an old German romance movie (1999). Bought the dvd a month ago. Finally. Thumbs up.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Valentine Gift Will Be
A Dental Surgery.

What A Painful 14.02.08 Lil' Missy Will Go Through.

Oh, I Love You.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

On 29 December 2007...

we decided to have a girlie day out.