Friday, June 29, 2007

28 June, Thursday, 9 pm

Anticipation killed her slowly. She was screaming inside, "Oh my god!! I'm going to watch Transformers soon!! Soon!!". A week before the release of Transformers, she dug out her brother's Tranformers toys and looked at it. She was screaming inside, "This is classic shit!".


Thursday came. 28 June 2007. She was suppose to be at work but she took a half day off to shop with mommy. She's a spoil brat who pisses her mom's cash away. She almost bought her favourite perfume Chanel Chance but decided to buy it when she gets her paycheck. Then, she said, "Mommy, why do you have to spray that sample to annoy me? You smell like Chanel and I smell like... people. You're so mean."

Back top the subject.

She annoyed her mother with her excitement to watch Transformers and her squeeky weird noises till her mom ask her to shut up and shop shaking her bloody arms. Then when the sun sets... she waited for her boy to join her in the cinema. She so wanna yell "I can't believe I'm watching Transformers finally!!" but she kept it inside.

She got the chills and goosebumps on her when the autobots tranform and made the robotic sound. She got the chills when she saw the jets and raptors and especially when Megatron tranform into an awesome jet. Orgasm. She so wanna be a pilot each time she sees a war movie. It's so pathetic but she don't give a shit. She loves aircrafts very much for all she knows. And when her best friend msged her this..

Rathyana Kaur sent 6/29/2007 7:32 PM:
Hi Zhu Jinn, I got your sms this afternoon. Yes, I did watch Transformers on thursday afternoon. And I risk sounding like a 12 year old kid when I was so cool!

She's not alone people, she's not alone.

Everyone clapped, cheered and woo-ing after the show ended. She wished it never end.
She didn't feel guilty at all for skipping work because it was all worth it. Those 2 1/2 hours was amazing. She thank you shi jin for the tickets. He's so kind.

If you haven't watch the movie. Go watch it quick. If you don't plan to watch. Shame on you.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

it's 2.21 a.m.

she just got back from work and half retarded.
she is eating tau foo and drinking soup.
she is going to watch That 70's Show.
she thinks justice can be a bitch.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Who's got me laughing at 1.20 am on a Thursday morning after watching One Tree Hill?

This dude...

Your videos are so funny, you almost killed my bunny. You're a freak. I'm a freak. But at least you don't own a porcelain doll and talk to it. You wouldn't anyway because you probably prefer to talk to yrself in the mirror. Anyhow that's what makes us the creative people in our very own way. I'm waiting for more Bert Bert animations. Rot on.
Bought the Benefit eyeliner. Pretty good. They have very fun creative names for their make up line. Next i wanna buy the Bene Tint for my cheeks and lip. Go check out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Transformers...autobots in disguise...

I have to express my excitement for Transformers before i barely breathe again and collapse!! I remember watching Transformers on weekends and then it shifted to weekdays on TV1 or TV2 in the evenings (if i remembered correctly) when i was my tiny self!! About 5 or 6 years old. We watched it together and oh how i love the sounds those autobots make when they transform. Eeeek!!! Each time i watch the movie trailer, i get the blood rush whenever i hear that sound!!! Thinking "that was AWESOME!". Transformers- "Robots in disguise" was the generation i clearly remembered. Now they called it Transformers- "Cybertron" but still remain the "robot in disguise" which i think they should because it's an awesome tagline. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I wanna say that many many times till i doze off!! I'm not a super fan of Transformers or know all the autobots but i remembered...

Optimus Prime - The good leader of course.
Autobots Jazz - The one with the loud sound system.
Bumblebee - The yellow robot.
Megatron- The evil one.
Starscream - The evil aircraft.
Blackout- The evil chopper. My nephew destroyed the toy.

I have a thing for aircrafts/flying machines so i remebered getting excited when Megatron attacks because the presence of Starscream and Blackout gets me excited. Then my brother will say in cantonese "moi chou laaaaa..." (don't be noisy).

I still have the old Transformers toys lying in the store room. We weren't rich so for my parents to buy those collections for my brother was considered quite lucky. My mom wants to keep them as memories. Sweet.
Feeling better after expressing my huge excitement. =D Sigh.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

yes i am obsess with my rabbit.

that's because i've been dreaming to have one when i was a kid.

^ this one is edited by Zyenn

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Just finished watching Veronica Mars

My rabbit likes nibbling my fingers and she's always doing the hop in the air to express that she's happy. According to my colleague it's called the "Binkin" hop (no idea how to spell). It's so cute to see her hop fast then drifts and spins round because the floor is slippery. Then she kept doing that happy hop... OMG it's just so adorable. To see her cleaning herself, wiping her face and ears with her small small paws, melts my heart. She's 3 months old already and it's time for grooming. Oh! And seeing her falling asleep is just so adorable because her head will just go south and bang the cage then she'll get scared/shocked. So stupid in a way.

ps: i do whack her tushy if she's naughty.

Having a lunch date tomorrow with Shawn and Sharon. It's been a while since we've met. These two i can really talk to for more than 3 hours at Starbucks. Wonderful people with brains and i miss them alot. They totally can catch up with my randomness and the way i think and question about stuff.

I wish that pathetic fat girl with bad fashion and make up skills stops bothering me and leaves me alone. I'm too nice for too long. Some thinks i'm a mean person but most of my friend thinks i'm too nice with bitches. But luckily i don't have much trouble with girls. Only one or two and it was them who started all the nonsenses. I came from an all girl school but i get along very well with females. I have no idea why this generation of girls just love nonsense girl fights. It's so "gangsterish". Now i'm just acting all worked up and doing the "i had enough! i'm cutting you out of my life." attitude but the next minute, i'll cool off n then change my mind.
I'm too sweet to do horrible things. Aww... *blink blink*