Monday, August 28, 2006

Finally the holidays are here. Was rushing for assignments during the first week of holidays and boy it's so tiring and finally I take a break and no think of my assignments. During the process of finishing my assignments, I don't know whether to do 3D model & digital rendering or do hand drawn perspective & marker rendering for my beach resort room design. FYI i suck at both ways but in the end i decided to do hand drawn because there wasn't time and I wanna brush up my marker rendering.

This how it turned out for my final presentation...

Refurbishment of Datai Resort - bathroom area

This is the best among the rest and I really wanna thank Shi Jin for helping me out. *Hugs and kisses*

Haven't been blogging for weeks and a lot had happen. Was under A LOT of stress and my relationship was a mess but thank goodness things are fine now. Thank you Catherine, Zyenn and Lorraine for listening to me whining and giving me opinions on handling certain things. I was so sad, grumpy, moody, broody and fussy. Seeing red almost everyday. Countless of sleep + crying = smaller eyes. Sigh...sorry baby bunny for being such a grumpy penguin.

When I was rushing for my assignments, my face turned GREY because I didn't sleep for more than 48 hours. It really was grey!! Scared the living daylight out of me o.O when I saw myself in the bathroom mirror the other day.

Last 2 weeks, I attended my friend, Ernie's sister's wedding dinner at Sheraton Subang Jaya. It was so grand and everything was so pretty, pretty, pretty! =) Didn't take much photos because everyone was so serious there. Some photos are still with Eugene. Btw Eugene...your dress from Warehouse was so gorgeous! Classic elegance. Basically everything she owns is like WOW because she has lotsa $$$. =)

Plans for this holiday is to spend time with baby, eat ice cream, catch up with my reading, shopping and watch/study the movie Big Fish and Amelie for my upcoming term assignment- stage design. Eeee!! So excited for that!

I guess that's all for now. I'm so lazy to write in details. Gonna dance like a clumsy penguin at the same time

E X E R C I S E...

Then bath and proceed in reading my National Geographic June edition while watching tv. I'm looking forward to have lunch with Hazel this week...hope she's free. Miss my grandma Zel!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

okay. i just realised i was stereotyping when i mention rebond-hair-chinese-girls which contradicts with me who dislike to stereotype. i'm sorry but it's true about what i've said. bet those who are reading it agrees with me. there's a reason why they call it rrrReebonding. it's just a nicer way to call it but it actually means "breaking your hair bonds" aka....killing it so it becomes dead straight. got it?

but don't get me wrong, some DO LOOK GOOD after rebonding. Girls who have a thick mane will look good after rebonding their hair like my friends Amy and Patricia. no frizzy dizzy days and easy to upkeep, but for those who don't have a thick crown...please... forget rrrRebonding.
Saturday, 29 July

Watched Lake House at 1 utama on saturday evening. It's interesting and romantic. Too bad i miss the starting of the movie because i ate too slow. I eat A LOT but SLOW. Ate dinner at Dragon-i then headed for the movie at 7 pm. After that camwhore a while. It's so hilarious because Shi Jin and i are trying to pose like those so called cute-rebond hair- chinese-girls. So "seafood" man... We're both laughing our asses out. I'm so god damn lazy to upload the pictures so next time ok. After our movie, we went to ss2 Murni to grab some drinks and Eugene called at the right/wrong time and he joined us at Murni. Sadly Shi Jin can't follow him and Pelvin to cyber cafe because he gotta fetch his penguin home to Klang. Eugene asked Shi Jin and i to play one game but i refused to. Didn't have the mood or interest to play at that time.


Yesterday was YUMMY!! I ate A LOT of ice cream! Baskin has this 31% off on the 31st of every month so Shi Jin and i intend to call it our Ice-cream date day. We eat EXTRA ice cream on that day because it's so cheap. It's so weird that no one i know knows about this promo thing. What's wrong with you people? After Thyana left for Melbourne, I usually eat Baskin alone on the 31st and with my bf if i had one that time. I like to be alone at times because it's the time i reflect on things that happen in my life while indulging in my yummy ice cream.


Anyhow, I'm suppose to be at class now but instead i'm here blogging. I woke up late this morning. Class starts at 9.30 am but i got up at almost 10 am. Sigh. So today i plan to do my research and assignments as much as i can to avoid me rushing during the final week and lose weight again. I'm skinny as hell now and don't intend to lose more weight than i've already have. My classmates were having some "fun" touching my rib bones the other day. I have awfully huge bone structures so when i wear a very body hugging baby-t, it parades my bulging rib bone and it's not a nice thing to spot. My hip bone is like WOW. Makes giving birth easier if i were to look on the bright side. =) Thank goodness i have broad shoulders and little flabs on my arms. I don't want to be those skinny-rebond hair bimbos.

I need motivation to start my assignments. I need food. It's almost lunch time and i wanna cook my own lunch. Mamee instant mee with fried bacons and melted parmesan cheese... How's that sound?