Monday, April 19, 2010

I don't feel good. I think i can never be at that place and be okay. Being there just makes me uncomfortable and vulnerable after that. People go there to seek spiritual comfort, I will alway end up being depress and cry to sleep. I keep telling myself i'm strong but i doubt that some times. I have to force myself to be okay. I have to. If i don't, how can i go on with my everyday life? Travelling has made me wiser and strengthen certain characteristic in me.

But when can this pain, this heavy weight i feel in my chest go away?
Or at least it could fade bit by bit.

I like seeing this out my window.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I left this blog so empty for a very long time. It's because i'm so lazy to construct sentences to make up a paragraph about my life. Well, since i'm here why not?

I've been good. Haha! Too general is it? Well, i've travelled to Copenhagen in January with a few of my classmates and the place was so pretty, calm and artsy. Three days of course wasn't enough to explore the city but at least i have an idea what is it like. Hope to visit there again with Rathyana.

As for Easter holidays, I travelled to Krakow, Poland for 6 days. Stayed with Barbara in Andrychow, a small town about an hour away from Krakow. Her parents ensured i was warm and comfortable and of course full. It's Easter, we ate like it was Christmas. =) Barbara wanted me to see how big Easter was in Poland in general and the Easter traditions that were still strongly followed. In the town on Friday and Saturday, it was awfully quiet except for supermarts because every family was shopping for Easter Sunday. Then her family also took me to Zakopane -- situated in between the Tatra Mountains and Gubałówka Hill. I almost ALMOST bought a leather jacket with fox fur lining for myself. It look so pretty on me!!! Aaahh... so soft and white and fluffy. But i didn't because Zoey was in my head the whole time. Sigh.

Anyway, pictures will be uploaded on facebook. To upload pictures in blogspot is definitely a pain in my ass.

Okay, going out to do grocery shopping. Found a nice small family shop in Northern Quarters that sells fresh fruits and vegetables for a very very cheap price. I don't mind walking 10 minutes further. Bye bye Tesco, you're expensive.

Au revoir.