Monday, December 14, 2009

Say what you wanna say

I hate being mean and telling people off. I always have this impulse in my head to say mean things or be sharp to someone (especially when i was in Malaysia) but i always hold back because it's rude, it creates unecessary drama, it makes the situation tense and it hurts people.
But now when you're surrounded with people with attitude problems, it's hard to be polite at times.

But... I'll still try to be polite and be patience - as much as i can. But if they cross the line...
Fuck you.

I miss my fluffy best friend - Zoey. I hope she remembers me when i get back during summer.

Monday, December 07, 2009

傻 - foolish

If others can't keep their promises. Why should i?
If others are too egoistic to admit their mistakes. Why should i?
If others are selfish. Why can't i be?
If others can lie to me. Then i have the right not to tell the truth.

An eye for an eye.
Cruel? Not really. Just getting even.
Life is never fair.