Friday, September 05, 2008

Forlorn Glances

I cannot clear her stuff from her wardrobe yet.
I cannot throw the things she had given me even though my room's full.
I cannot think of her deeply because i'll tear badly.
I cannot go shopping with her anymore. (our outing plan would be awesome)
I cannot have an argument with her.
I cannot cook like her.
I cannot be home alone and not tear.
I cannot hear her naggings.
I cannot hear her voice forever.
I cannot believe she's gone forever.
I really can't...
I miss her terribly.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Finally!! The job is done! The late nights are over (for now)! And i finally have the time to waste on surfing the internet and download my dramas. It's 2nd of September so it's 1st Sept in, the US. WOooHOOooo!! Meaning new season of Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, Prison Break, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and etc...
I'm so tired. I told Shi Jin how tired i am and there's a furry kiwi fruit that's right in front of me now that i need to wallop but i can't seem to do so because i've been missing out so much. I just wanna waste time in cyber doing nonsense and reading nonsense when i actually could go to sleep right away. I have so many pictures to upload.
My first fishing trip.
Penang trip.
See Ting's birthday party.
My outings with Shi Jin. ( boy is back from UK!! *squeeze my rabbit*)

Speaking of Zoey (my rabbit), she's all grown up already but yet so adorable. Sometimes i'm so "geram" with her cute furry self, i just wanna squeeze her so tight and put her head into my mouth. I buy good food for her and i let her run freely at home now. Although at time she makes me so mad for pooping at places she shouldn't but her eyes...oh my god... her eyes are magic. Her big brown sad eyes that she gives whenever i punish her by locking her up in the cage just simply melts me. In the end, i let her out.

Alright...i'm really exhausted. I need to get sleep and recuperate. Good night!