Monday, March 02, 2009

Not quite back

Hello again. 2 months has passed by like lightning.
Christmas has passed.
New Year has passed.
Chinese New Year has passed.
Chap Goh Mei has passed.
So is Valentine's Day.

How's everyone? I don't read anyone's blog currently so do not expect me to know what's up with you guys. It's not that i don't give a shit - i'm just too lazy to surf the internet. I have my own crap and weird thoughts to deal with - i don't even know how to express it out or solve it. It's too personal and i don't want anyone to know about it so the conventional way - jotting down on a diary still the best for me.

It's Monday morning at the office. I'm bored, tired and mundane. My muscles are aching from playing Wii. Gosh. Help.