Sunday, October 05, 2008

- Untitled -

Where am i going? I don't know.
Sometimes i don't care.
How ambitious am i? Well, out of 10. I'll say 4.
But i wanna get out of my comfortable shell and explore.
I wanna be successful but also happy.
I still wanna own a RM 5k Chanel bag and still be rich.
Yes, i never give up on this fucking dream.

I wanna meet good people. I'm tired of dealing with immature annoying ppl.
They whine so much, they create drama that i can't stand to watch, they over react, they try so hard to be happening, they talk like bimbos, they're senseless mindless pigs, they just piss me off buy starting a conversation with me. I just wanna say, "boys & girls, you're so fuck stupid".
I don't want a super star drama life but everytime i'll get wet in silly "highschool" shit.
So? I'm cutting stupid ppl of. I'm good at ignoring ppl. I got an award for it.

Next, I need to start shaping up. Stop eating too much of cheese. Stop splurging. Get good rest.
I can't wait for Thyana & Shaleeni to come back from Australia.
I can't wait for the budget holiday that the cupcakes are planning. I assigned Hazel as the planner. Hahaha! Yes. Don't be stressed out dear.

Shi Jin will be working soon and i realized we will have lesser time to spend together. Sigh..
I wanna go swimming with you again Shi Jin. I want to learn to shake of my underwater fear. I also wanna go travelling, hiking, fishing, paintball, bike racing, wind surfing, laze around, eat cheese and chocs, watch tv for 4 hours straight, chase cows, play water gun with you and etc etc. If you watch How I Met your Mother, picture me saying, "Awwwsommee..." in a very high pitch voice like Barney, to you.

After being on hiatus for so long, i don't really know what to type in this blog. Each time i click on 'new post', my mind just wanders some place else and then it becomes empty. No words, no expression. It amazes me how one can write so much about themself or any other events in their life. Me? I just get lazy and forget about writing. Eh Wan Chin, boring right my blog? Nothing to read. No pictures or videos. Haha! I'll try to put in a little effort next post. Maybe I'll write about my trip to Penang. Or my birthday. Or my birthday presents. Or the book i'm reading. Whatever la!

In addition to my random post, i present you random pictures from my very old digital camera. Some are taken very long ago but i'm just too lazy to upload it and some are recent ones. And before i go. Yes yes, i've put on some weight. My face is chubbier but then don't tell me la when you bump into me. I'm trying to stay positive and embrace the layer of insulation that's thickening in me.