Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's been a while since i've posted something up. It's because i decided to be on hiatus mode for a while to sort certain issues and figure out some things. I was feeling remorseful for the past 2 months and i don't know how to express my thoughts in words. I wouldn't be so sure to say that i'm doing alright but that's what i tell people just so i can avoid any kind of heart to heart conversations. No offence but honestly, no consoling words can make me feel any better or help me get through the shitty feeling so just let me be because watching your mom slowly dying in 4 days time isn't exactly something that you can forget or move on with it easily. And no, you won't understand how i feel so there's no obligation to say so. I didn't even discuss about what i'm going through with my own boyfriend because i don't see the need to recap and then tear about it and then expect consoling words from him. It's just too much drama. But having my brother back for good does add some colours to my purple grey sky. At least when i'm working late, he's there to accompany daddy. Anyway i find Thyana's email amusing. Here are some things i can do or maybe she herself can do too besides "talking". The purple ones are my responses. I love you babe.

1. Slapping someone in the face just to see how they'd react.
(i do have a few drama queens in my head)
2. Watching your tv's guilty pleasures (mine is Gossip Girl -- I hang my head in shame...but I enjoy watching Blair and Chuck and her clothes)
(i do enjoy watching flirtatious dirty Chuck. loving his evil eyes.)
3. Eating Oreo's with peanut butter (not too much, though, or you'll gag -- trust me)
(i tried that once and i didn't like it.)
4. Spying on your neighbours (do that all the time)
(my neighbours are boring & there's no good looking topless boys either. i'll replace this with staring at my rabbit.)
5. Ironing (ironing calms me down)
(i iron fast. M'sia is hot la woman.)
6. Seating at the back of the cinema, alone, watching a movie (I love doing that when I'm down -- that's why I love the movies)
( i do too but the Malaysian cinema mostly show cheesy films so i love my pirated dvds)
7. Ogling Manolo Blahnik's and Christian Louboutin's on the internet (guilty!)
(mine's Chanel, Nine West & M.A.C. But i must say you have great taste in shoes!! bookmarking Manolo Blahnik)
8. Watching Project Runway on youtube.
(i used too.)
9. Wikipedia-ing random subjects (e.g. Ig Nobel Prize)
(wiki-ing airplanes/fighter jets most of the time. i think i was an awesome pilot in my past life.)
(my screen name is kinky penguin.)

Now i'm fantasizing about ice cream. Gotta go! Here are some fantastic pumps i would like to have from Manolo Blahnik.

^ This is so artsy & futuristic.