Sunday, December 30, 2007

lovely lunch *yum yum*

Michelle cooked me lunch yesterday. It's so good la. The "yau mei" rice is so good. And sandwiches too!! =D The ingredients are mushrooms, eggs and cheddar cheese. All my favourite man!! Button mushrooms some more. First time a friend cooked me lunch. Very thoughful of her. Thank you babe. *hands down* Camwhore pictures will come later la... i will try to be patient to upload them.


I'm crazy for zebra prints stuff!!! o.O

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Celebrated Uncle Chow's birthday on 3rd November. It was a surprise birthday dinner- planned by Lorraine and family and it turned out to be successful! Uncle Chow, my Dad's best friend, knew me when i was a zygote, watched me grew up to a young lady and still giving me good hospitality whenever i go over to his place.

My Uncle Chow turned 60!

His very COLOURFUL cake.

The Chow Family

Happy three designers. What a coincident.

With Michelle.

With Mommy dearest.

The night ended well, can't really remember what happen after that because it was a while ago.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

After so long...

Yes, it was a very long time. The Linear team had just finished 2 showhouses and it turned out awesome. Good comments and feedback from the client and potential buyers. *clap hands* The design is awesome la... I would buy it if i have 2 million dollars. Hehe... I'm almost done with my club house site for my client. Almost la konon nyer... one more boutique bungalow to design. This project had been KIV for sooooo long... i barely can remember what was my design intention. I feet are aching badly due tothe constant walking up and down the showhouse. I'm currently watching new dramas.

English dramas would be:
1. Samantha Who? (Awesome.)
2. The Class
3. The Psych
4. Pushing Daisies (Soon la..waiting for Wen Dee to give me her review.)

It's all comedies. Laughter's the best medicine. They keep my storm away. I've been so moody lately...I just feel like letting everything go and just go travel around. because i'm so frustrated with some people and with the things that are not going smoothly as planned. So comedies keeps me going.
I think i plan to go Australia on February because going there during summer is better than going there during winter. Just hope i'm efficient enough to book air tickets soon. Like very soon. Haven't done that before so i might be scare!!! Yes... like chicken shit ok? I'm feeling childish right now. I wanna watch Invader Zim. Remember him? he looks like this...

And my favourite lil one. GIR!! so adorable.