Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fluffy girl

is her name.
Fluffy,adorable & playful
female Hotot rabbit.

We got it on May 8, 2007. She was 2 months old when i got her. She was very nervous
to meet us and somehow afraid. The first place i took her to was Baskin Robbins, Sunway Pyramid. I was afraid to take care of her at first. She seems so small and fragile but i must be responsible. She's my wabbit. His too la. I love her very much and will take care of her properly. It was hard to name her. Names that was propose
one the same day,

Erinn: Pico, Bon bon (i like rabbit's ass), Rinn, Fluffy, Smokey, Tomoko, Kyoko, Ohio, Himiko, Hamtaro (haha), Yumiko.

Jonz: Nicole, Amanda, Mandy, Milo and other potential girlfriend names. It was all very "human".

Last resort: Bunny, Rabbit

Zyenn: browsed websites to help me name he
and both ended up with laughing fits during midnight. Alakazam!, Zazoo Zazie and other weird names that you can never think of. Then i saw ZOEY. Bam!! The website did have a decent name after all.

It took her few days to adjust herself. And she only runs around her cage for the first week. Kinda dumb watching her doing that. Even when you walk away to the
kitchen or bring her away from the cage. She still goes back near the cage runs around it over and over and over again. No need to worry.

Current condition:

Still white. Healthy and very playful. Long beautiful eye lashes. Eats alot right now. Like a monster. Like the owners la i think. Getting smarter too. She now explores the place. Hops away from the owners. Out of control.

The funny thing about her is, she likes hopping side ways. Not front. Side. It's so

2 months old. Small and fluffy.

I am fascinated with that tail.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

i forgot how much i love dancing.

it feels really good....

i like dancing erotically with girls.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jodi Picoult - The Pact

I can't sleep so here i am.
I bought a book today- The Pact by Jodi Picoult. I regretted buying it but i got no choice but to read it. Yeah she's a great author bla bla bla but you see, i buy books really carefully= i hardly buy books. I have bought many books which i have not done reading them simply because i got bored halfway through the reading process. So bravo to those that i have finished till the very last page because you grab whole of my full attention/interest. And hands down to those books which i had read twice. I hardly read so don't take my words seriously in this post.
I should have bought Persuasion by Jane Austen. I read the book already but i just wanted to buy the newly printed one. The cover is so sweet & clean & NEW.... Mine is old and all yellow, has silverfishes bite marks and it has the old book smell which i don't like because it makes my nose itch.
I threw away my Sophie Kinsella- Can you keep a secret? I almost got to the end and then one day i woke up and found myself so silly and ridiculous reading that shit. Okay maybe it's not shit. Anyway... now i get so annoyed looking at her books when i walk into a book shop because her books are always at the front shelves. The Shopaholic mighty... Okay maybe i'm in a slightly bad mood right now.
Jodi Picoult huh? The Tenth Circle was great. The Pact...hmmm.. I could have bought all the recent months of Cosmopolitan that i have not yet buy. I was very interested with Hitler by some author name Joachim.
I was desperate to get a book. Small MPH in Klang. How many choices can i get?
Impulsive buying. Again. But i do hope that i will enjoy the book as in finish the book.

Watched the first four episodes of Veronica Mars season 1. Not bad. Heroes is an interesting series with superb effects but it just doesn't move me. Since i have watched 18 episodes of it so might as well i just continue watching it since i am free now. The Japanese hero, Hiro Nakamura is freaking adorable and down to earth. Plus Shi Jin loves that series so why not i take a lil interest in it. I still like Milo acting as Jess in Gilmore Girls than him in Heroes.

I am going to try to sleep now. It's 4.16am. My biological clock is way cuckoo la!