Thursday, February 15, 2007


Happy Valentine's Day to...

*Shi Jin(Thank you!)
Ee Von
Yeong Kwan
Chee Shin
Gim Soon
Phoebe & Alvin
Juvan & Eng Shin (hope i spelled correctly)
slow See Ting & yoyo Chin Yong
colgate-smile Sue-li & Fang Chin
Cheng Cheng & Kien Hoong
Piggy Catherine & Nicholas
donkee Eugene & doinkee Michelle (i'm randomly guessing)
Sarah & Ashten
Sweet Mei Mun & Happy Kenny
Li Vee & her bf =)
Lorainne & Alex

Monday, February 12, 2007

Imagine myself dead on the floor, decomposed by a putrid bag of maggots, turned into dust and then was vacuumed by a really cute vacuum machine.

i intend to buy a book by Jodi Picoult - The Tenth Circle,
but i'm not quite sure that i will have time to read.
fuck the assignments.
why must Frame magazines be so darn so expensive?
how can i afford a designer mag without injuring my wallet?
interesting mags cost >RM 70
design books that i'm fond of cost >RM 300
my dreams of getting a Chanel bag seems blur.
i know i have Chanel eye bags.
i'm working on Valentine's Day.
i can't wait to get my February pay cheque.
i intend to shop after CNY so my clothes will not clash with others.
i don't hate roses. i just dislike seeing them die so fast in this weather.
gerbera daisies are beautiful.
phoebe and i tend to forget to pay the bill after our meal.
the only spicy food she can eat is assam laksa.
sitting down infront of the com for more than 12 hours give u a massive backache.
i was here since sunday, 11 am.
i'm going to finish these pineapple tarts in no time.
i cried like a baby at the airport when Shaleen left for Aus.
i'm definately doing the crying thing again when Sue-li leaves.
i suddenly feel like flying to Australia and wait at Melbourne airport for Thyana to come get me.
we could go tipsy at some bar or smoke on Dvds.
i realized eugene san has a blog. he used to think only gays have one.
zyenn's not going to blog for a while. she's the only one i know who updates often. darn.
i'm thinking of painting orange stripes against my purple wall.
jonz, when are we gonna graffiti yr bedroom?
i hate that jojo poster in yr room. get a better babe. highschools over.
avril bores me to death. regretted buying her 1st album. i stopped hearing it after a day.
natalie's child is so adorable.
i'm so screwed for this final project. out of ideas.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


i know i haven't been updating for a really long time. firstly i'm too lazy. secondly, i'm working part time and focusing on my assignment. designing a boutique cafe this final semester and i'm struggling to do my very best. i'm currently now working part time at Skin Food. It's a Korean brand. my first day was nightmare because my leg muscles were strained and i got sore throat. when u poke my's freaking hard and painful!! but now i'm used to it already. quite an interesting store to work at and NO I"M NOT AN IRRITATING SALES GIRL. i swear. i try my very best not to disturb my customer but usually they want help. and if my boss is there..then i have to pretend to be irritating and talk.

usually when i enter a store..i prefer to be left alone. no assistance needed unless i require so.

Eeeekk!! pee pee (phoebe) getting fairer and fairer each day. so envy. =)

very soon i'll be digging time to pay a visit to the cd shop to get those cds that i've been dying for. chinese new year is around the corner but i don't feel the spirit. plus i shop all year round so there's ntg exciting about it. last week i had a girlie day out with my cousins and friends. *juvan, carina and mei fang*. had lunch at pj then shopped in bangsar. i however was so low on cash, turned out it's so irritating to see them buying stuff. some of the apparels are cheap but bad quality though. i plan to have dinner at la bodega one "fine" day. carina said it's really really expensive. i wasn't born rich so i gotta think about it. is the food really that good? those who've been there let me know please.

i can't stop eating Guylian belgium chocs. my mom need to snatch the box from me in order to make me stop. baskin ice cream too. she nagged me after i finish the whole quart in 45 minutes. i've put on some weight during holidays and instead of me controlling my own diet... she does it for me.
1. she doesn't allow me to eat ice cream after 10pm.
2. she gives me very very lil rice to eat.
3. she forces me to drink herbal tea so i could shit more and lose inches.
4. she didn't allow my dad to buy me satay for supper when i curi-curi sms my dad to do so. must say out loud la daddy....doink!
5. she keeps reminding me of the food calories content.
6. everytime i go out yam cha with shi jin, she will say, "don't eat so much of roti cheese."

anyway, with my tiny paycheck, i intend to buy a skin care product, a book and food for orphanage. i always feel so emo when i see them and give them food every occassion. last christmas, this indian boy who came out and took the box of candies and toys, was so happy and he started jump and then screaming to his friends, "Presents presents!!". the joyful smiles are so pleasant to my eyes and driving back home was indeed a joyride for me too.

enough said. gonna start my damn design process. tools: butterpaper, artline pen and clutch pencil.

have a good day!