Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy new year to all

Christmas was a lil more merrier than last year. So much so i get to hear my mom sing Christmas carols to herself the whole day. Few days before Christmas i surprised her by decorating the house just to give a lil Christmas-seee feel. Firstly i put up lights around my porch area and bought a mini xmas tree. Then i decided to do this... And she loves it. Then i took her to midvalley to see the Christmas decor and shopping. Aaahh.. shopping was wonderful. She was so excited and took many many picstures with the Ginger Bread House and the cute candy xmas trees. She even force me to take pics too but i wasn't in a camwhore mood. Then on Xmas night, had dinner with the Shim family.

Meet Peggy my childhood friend and her niece Ashley.

My holidays are going to end soon. So fast la...
Went to The Curve for the Year 2007 countdown. Met my cousin Carina at Laundry (it's a bar and don't ask me why its name this way).

Had lunch with Shaleeni and Hazel at Taipan last Thursday then hung at her place and played with her cat name Tyrend(sorry i don't know how to spell). Shaleen's living on Feb 3 to Australia and i'm taking her to shop on tuesday. Gonna miss her very much especailly her hyperness and jolly loud acts.

And today...

One more...

I can't wait for "you" to grow.
Yes! I'm done! Finally. Fucking slow la the internet! I have a numb butt and a cranky tummy. Tomorrow, shopping with Shi Jin and party to attend. Erinn leaves in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine~~!